Sale: Monolithic Rental Service
Sale: Monolithic Rental Service

Dear Sarnaut,

Assault Shell "Monolith", hailed as the 'crown jewel of Sarnautian combat engineering', is now up for rent! After its successful integration into League and Empire markets, engineering guilds all over Sarnaut have had time to produce more top-quality battle-suits, enough to open up their very own (limited time) Monolithic Rental Service for all combat enthusiasts to enjoy.

Missed out on the original sale? No problem! From the 29th of August until the 1st of September, players have the opportunity to rent a battle-suit of their own and wade straight into the thick of battle, dishing out destruction from the safety of their own mecha-shell however they see fit – all for the small price of 500 crystals (either type).

Should you avail of this fantastic offer, the rented "Monolith" will remain in your inventory for a whole week after purchase, giving plenty of time to enjoy the benefits it provides.

Mechanical supremacy awaits – what are you waiting for?

-The Allods Team