Sale: Prophetic Card of the Breeder
Sale: Prophetic Card of the Breeder


The Prophetic Cards are now back in store, and better than ever! For those who do not know the principle, allow us to explain:

  • You can now find Prophetic Cards scattered around the world, or buy them from a local holiday committee in Novograd and Nezebgrad respectively.
  • The cards need to be deciphered with the “Ancient Compass” item, which can be bought from the Boutique.
  • With those two items in your inventory, you can decipher your Prophetic Card and obtain items of varying degrees of rarity including but not limited to: gold dust, costumes, crystal chips, and amazing mounts.
  • After using a certain amount of Ancient Compasses, you will be eligible for a “Stroke of Luck”, and get an “Extra draw” which will allow you to obtain one of the rarest items.
  • If you are a big player but not so lucky, rest assured – you will obtain a guaranteed prize for each “Milestone” reached, as you can see on the interface below.


Here are the special mounts you can obtain with the Prophetic Card of the Breeder. Definitely not your average dogs!

The luckiest, or most persistent players can even earn an exclusive outfit:


This event will last from June 19th, 12:00 PM GMT+1, until June 29th, 12:00 PM GMT+1. The sale of compasses will last until July 3rd, 12:00 PM GMT+1

Join in the discussion on our Official Forums and tell us: what do you hope to obtain with the Prophetic Card of the Breeder?