Sale: Prophetic Card of the Forest!
Sale: Prophetic Card of the Forest!


Dear Sarnaut,

The playful and ritualistic 'people of the woods', later known as the Forestfolk, have always stirred curiosity from other races. As a mystic group, they've been content to live off the land, idly passing time with fabled wild-magic, or playing woodland games known only to them.

Historians have recently discovered that before the Forestfolk grew in stature and strength, their culture was built through shamanistic magic which allowed them to communicate with wild woodland animals. Bears were trained to collect stones and fish, while foxes were used to grab berries and sticks. At night, creatures of the wild would gather to hear the Forestfolk sing as they crafted wondrous potions to the music of pestle and mortar.

It was a carefree and peaceful life, thought of only in fairy tales.


As the years passed by and the Forestfolk finally re-joined civilization, that magic was long thought lost and forgotten - until now! It seems that the wise and forward thinking Forestfolk tribes had ciphered knowledge of this ancient folk-magic into what we call Prophetic Cards, which can teach the animal taming arts to those able to decipher them.


And so, a new fairy tale begins!

  • You can now find Prophetic Cards scattered around the world, or buy them from local holiday committees in Novograd and Nezebgrad.
  • Prophetic Cards can be deciphered using an “Ancient Compass”, available in the Boutique.
  • Deciphering Prophetic Cards rewards you with items of varying degrees of rarity, including: gold dust, costumes, crystal chips, powerful potions, and fantastic mounts.
  • After a certain amount of Compasses are used, you will be eligible for a “Stroke of Luck”, gaining an “Extra Draw” that allows you to obtain one of the rarest items.
  • No matter how lucky (or unlucky) your attempts are, rest assured – you will obtain a guaranteed prize for each “Milestone” reached, as seen in the interface above.


Tame the wild with the Clumsy Bear, Giant Moose, Sly Foxie, or even Baba Yaga's Pestle!
The Prophetic Card of the Forest has a wealth of woodland knowledge fit for a folklore hero.

If you want to build your own fairy tale, Prophetic Cards, and the compasses used to decipher them, are available from December 25th until January 5th - so don't miss them!


Be one with nature - and don't forget to share your own folklore tale in the dedicated thread!

-The Allods Team