Sale: Prophetic Card of the Northern Treasures!
Sale: Prophetic Card of the Northern Treasures!

Dear Sarnaut,

In times of war, combatants are always gauging their enemy - from sizing up an opponent in a one-on-one environment, to great war-leaders who must make tense decisions based on the size and scale of advancing armies. The same can be said of day to day life, where there are those who put stock in the war of fashion and convenience. There is no doubt that loyal pets and sturdy mounts are beneficial to both sides of the coin - and with the Pridens now inhabiting both capital cities, new wonders of war and fashion have entered circulation.

The world of Sarnaut is brimming with life, from bright and natural to dark and mundane. In order to gain an edge in both fashion and warfare, harnessing all available options is a common goal. It is no surprise to see people touring the world on sturdy and reliable warhorses that are bred for this purpose, but what of those that sit on the back of ferocious forest creatures? With the Pridens joining the front line of wars fought between the League and Empire, it was inevitable that they would eventually share their own secrets to gain that edge - and these secrets come in the form of Prophetic Cards of the Northern Treasures!

By deciphering the Priden knowledge contained within these cards, you are destined to stumble upon a wealth of northern treasures!

Playful prowling wild-cats, war-ready snowhorn rhinos, headstrong tungar rams, and even the snow-born forest moose await you - as do special equipment, costumes, potent elixirs and armfuls of priceless currency! Will you discover the northern treasure?

  • You can now find Prophetic Cards scattered around the world, or buy them from local holiday committees in Novograd and Nezebgrad.
  • Prophetic Cards can be deciphered using an “Ancient Compass”, available in the Boutique.
  • Deciphering Prophetic Cards rewards you with items of varying degrees of rarity, including: gold dust, costumes, crystal chips, powerful potions, and fantastic mounts.
  • After a certain amount of Compasses are used, you will be eligible for a “Stroke of Luck”, gaining an “Extra Draw” that allows you to obtain one of the rarest items.
  • No matter how lucky (or unlucky) your attempts are, rest assured – you will obtain a guaranteed prize for each “Milestone” reached, as seen in the interface above.

This event will be active between the 7th and 27th of May - the perfect time to consider joining the Northern Cavalry in search of exquisite northern treasure!

-The Allods Team