Sale: Prophetic Card of Witch Forest Treasure - 24/12/15
Sale: Prophetic Card of Witch Forest Treasure - 24/12/15

Dear Sarnaut,

The point of our magic compass has once again turned towards brand new treasure, prompting us to wave goodbye to the Northern Treasure & Forest Treasure expeditions before we head off deeper into the wilderness in search of even more awe inspiring wealth.

A new treasure hunt has begun – and you are invited to join us! Will you be the one to discover the elusive Witch's treasure, or tame the mystical Forest Viverne, Pegasus, Dragon, or Gryphon?

NOTE: If you already have a mount of this type, it will be replaced with the new one – adopting the experience and the hunger rate of the old.

By deciphering the Coven knowledge contained within Prophetic Cards of Witch Forest Treasures, you are destined to stumble upon a wealth of goodies – from mystical mounts described only in songs and tales, to special equipment, costumes, potent elixirs, and armfuls of priceless currency. The most persistent treasure hunters will be rewarded with a costume of the Forest Witch!

  • You can now find Prophetic Cards scattered around the world, or buy them from local holiday committees in Novograd and Nezebgrad.
  • Prophetic Cards can be deciphered using an “Ancient Compass”, available in the Boutique.
  • Deciphering Prophetic Cards rewards you with items of varying degrees of rarity, including: gold dust, costumes, crystal chips, powerful potions, and fantastic mounts.
  • After a certain amount of Compasses are used, you will be eligible for a “Stroke of Luck”, gaining an “Extra Draw” that allows you to obtain one of the rarest items.
  • No matter how lucky (or unlucky) your attempts are, rest assured – you will obtain a guaranteed prize for each “Milestone” reached.

This event will be active from the 24th of December until the 11th of January – the perfect time to consider joining our search for the exquisite Witch Forest treasure!

-The Allods Team