Sale: Prophetic Cards of the Cursed Treasures
Sale: Prophetic Cards of the Cursed Treasures


Now all adventure lovers can put their Prophetic cards to use and set out on the treasure hunt!

Remember that you will need both Prophetic Cards and Ancient Compasses to participate in the event. Ancient Compasses are sold at the Boutique, and Prophetic Cards can be obtained in various ways - by killing monsters, defeating enemies on Astral allods and in Distortions, fighting at PvP Arenas, completing special quests, or just by buying them from the Holiday Committee Officials or other players.

This time you can win 4 awesome riding beasts, as well as the gorgeous Rambling Storyteller’s Costume!

  • Black Antler
  • Rogue's Talisman
  • Witches Cup
  • Forest Bear's Bell
  • Rambling Storyteller's Bag

Apart from that, brave treasure hunters will be rewarded with Crystal Chips, gold, and other amazing costumes and accessories! Don’t forget that you can also find useful potions and food which temporarily increase your character’s offensive and defensive stats. That food can be traded for any elixir with the same lifetime.

The special offer will end on September 22nd.

Don't miss your chance!