Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Mechanic - 09/06/2017
Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Mechanic - 09/06/2017

The Radiant Strongboxes of the Mechanic are on sale at the Boutique, which means Sarnaut’s legendary combat vehicles are about to return to the frontline! In these strongboxes, you may find a new reactor which will upgrade your transport to rank 7 and thus improve its abilities, such as its speed, durability, and other stats!

You can replace the reactor in a vehicle that you already possess, or obtain a new one on the Magic Mosaic promotion that has just started.

Both promotions will end on June 15, 12:00 CEST!

For those who would like to know the details, we specified the main stats of all combat vehicles before and after the upgrade.

Upgrade Details

The speed and health of all riding vehicles of rank 7 will be increased, as well as the damage of their active abilities. Active abilities always consume mana batteries. Here are listed the stats for a level 11 vehicle and a level 75 rider:

Rank Speed Health Other
June Dreadnought Rank 2 -> Rank 7 10.07 -> 12.52 120,628 -> 3,688,708 Rocket Burst hits only one target but has an increased range of 65 yards (instead of 40).
Overlord's Throne Rank 3 -> Rank 7 11.05 -> 14.30 289,519 -> 3,849,096
Overlord's Aegis Rank 4 -> Rank 7 12.03 -> 16.09 368,344 -> 3,528,320
Titan Rank 5 -> Rank 7 13.00 -> 13.41 595,345 -> 5,420,49 Damage inflicted to unmounted characters increases.
Manabike Rank 5 -> Rank 7 13.98 -> 19.50 669,763 -> 2,912,068 Manabike’s speed does not increase over time; however, every second it receives one stack of an effect which inflicts damage to all enemies in its way and throws them aside. The effect stacks up to 5 times, increasing the knockback and damage further.
Spinner Rank 5 -> Rank 7 14.95 -> 16.09 669,763 -> 3,528,341
Wraith Rank 6 -> Rank 7 16.58 -> 16.99 1,147,709 -> 3,367,956
Rumble Rank 6 -> Rank 7 16.90 -> 16.99 1,434,636 -> 3,367,956

Note: because of the rank increase, the mount’s level will be slightly reduced but not reset to 0. It will also preserve its satiety level. In order to activate your vehicle’s reactor, you first need to collect 1,000 reactor parts. However, this requirement can be reduced.

Apart from reactor parts, the Strongbox of the Mechanic can contain 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 50% discount coupons. These coupons lower the number of reactor parts needed to activate the reactor. You can also activate several coupons at a time - the discounts will stack up to 50%!

Each type of vehicle requires a corresponding discount coupon. However, there is a universal 5% coupon which works on all types of reactors and can be exchanged for other specific coupons.

To sum up: install a brand new reactor on your old vehicle and enjoy the renewed combat power of your retromobile! In case something remains unclear, we’ve prepared some answers to your possible questions.

Strongbox of the Mechanic FAQ

Note: when you open a Strongbox of the Mechanic, you do not receive Collector's coins. The weekly lottery is also not held.

-The Allods Team