Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright
Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright

To the joy of all astralonauts, Expert Goblin’s Treasury has announced the launch of the Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright. Now, each captain can equip their ship with state-of-the-art technology without risking their crew, or the precious loot!

Think about it, captain. There must have been times where you cursed at the Astral, wishing you had a fully equipped warship capable of taking on any enemy you crossed paths with, beit ferocious astral monsters or greedy pirates - especially when you had to make the ever difficult decision: Fight or Flight?

Thanks to the Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright, you can get your hands on high-quality adaptive equipment, such as cannons, shields and engines, and a unique hull with additional cannon slots!

During this limited time offer, between the 12th of March and the 18th of March, you'll have the opportunity to make all your astral flights infinitely smoother!


Calibrate your cannons, reinforce your ship's hull, gain additional ship equipment slots, turn on the new shields, crank that shiny reactor to full speed - and rule the Astral with the Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright!

Daily Lottery:

Players who open a Radiant Strongbox of the Shipwright automatically join a unique Sarnaut lottery.

Each day, the player who opened more strongboxes than anyone else shall receive a unique blueprint of a Priden Ship.

  • League Version:

  • Empire Version:

In addition - incentive prizes, such as Improved Astral Traps and Gold, are also sent out to the players from the 2nd to the 50th ranking. Lottery results are announced daily at noon, though remember that when the sale ends, so do the lotteries.

Happy sailing, captain!

-The Allods Team