Short-term Bank Deposit
Short-term Bank Deposit

You can get a «Short-term Bank Deposit» in the Rarities Store from the 13th until the 18th of June! This is a special item that will allow you to get a Premium crystals guarateed bonus after 30 days.

Short-term Bank Deposit

Get your initial deposit back, along with 20% bonus nominated in Premium Crystals. This item is stored in your bag under the Boutique tab.

The conditions of the deposit are simple:

  • The cost of the deposit is 10 crystals, once the item appears in the bag, it becomes attached to the character.
  • You can use the chest 2 times.
  • The first use opens the deposit and starts the 30 days countdown.
  • The second one allows you to activate the item and take the normal crystals that you have spent on the deposit and a 20% bonus with bonus crystals after the expiry of the countdown.
  • You can buy as many deposits as you like, but the countdown will start on each of the first activation.
  • After the first use of the chest, the crystals can not be cashed until the end of the period.