Premium System FAQ


What is Premium and where is it found?
Premium is a system which rewards the player for topping up their account. It grants you additional valuables as a bonus to the purchased crystals with no extra charge. More Details.

So Premium is a paid system?
No. Premium is just the bonus to your payments, but it doesn’t cost anything by itself. Previously, when you bought N crystals, you received only that amount. Now, for the same price, you receive N crystals and also fill your Premium bar.

How do I enable Premium?
You don’t have to. The system automatically tracks every crystal purchase and sums up the payments. Then it assigns one of the eight Premium levels to your account. The higher is your level, the more bonuses and valuables you can get in a month for free.

Are all bonuses of the Premium system listed in the Premium tab at the Boutique?
There is also a Premium tab in your spellbook. To acquire bonuses from that list, you don’t have to visit the Boutique - they are activated automatically once you reach the corresponding Premium level.

Will the Premium system develop? Are there going to be more options, valuables, bonuses?
Of course. We have a plan for the system’s future development; however, feel free to post your requests in the corresponding forum topic. Your feedback is appreciated!

Premium and Other Promotions

There are certain promotions in the game which involve only real money payments and do not require crystal purchases. Will they count towards my Premium level?
At the moment, the Premium system only tracks your account top-ups, in other words, crystal purchases. Your subscription payments, for example, do not count towards the Premium bar.

My friend gave me crystals. Will it fill the Premium bar?
No, only direct account top-ups count.  

I am planning to top up my account during a promotion which allows receiving more crystals for the same price. Will it fill the Premium bar faster?
No, your Premium level is based on your total payments, not on the amount of received crystals.

I have a debt on my account. Will that affect my Premium level when I top up my account?
No, your Premium level will increase whether you have a debt or not. But part of the received crystals will be withdrawn to cover the debt, as usual.

Premium rewards me with fragile items. Will they be converted into other resources when their lifetime expires, as it happens with regular fragile items?
No, this is not the case for the Premium items.

Time Frames

When does Premium expire?
Day 25 of each month. At 4 AM the bar resets. This is also when all Premium items expire.  

What is the exact time of the reset?
4 AM.  

How often the bar refreshes?
Your Premium bar will increase in several seconds after you top up your account. You can view the bar in the Boutique window.  

I topped up my account, but the Premium bar didn’t fill. What’s wrong?
Make sure the payment was successful (you have received your crystals). Then double check if you’re using the account which you have topped up. It is very unlikely that the bar hasn’t filled if everything had been done correctly. If you are positive that something is wrong, please contact our customer support.  

Premium Valuables

What is a Premium coupon?
Coupons are used to receive valuables at the Premium store. Each valuable costs one corresponding coupon. You receive coupons every time your Premium level changes. The higher is your level, the more coupons you get.  

How do I know how many coupons I have?
Open the Boutique (Y key by default). Then find the Premium tab (marked with a crown). Press on any item’s icon, and at the bottom of the popped up description box, you will see your available coupons.  

Which style items are granted by the Premium system?
Titles, aura, pet helpers (two rare ones and one unique), emoji set for the ingame chat.  

Which titles are available for the Premium users?
Titles become available on Premium levels 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8: Protector, Benefactor, Patron, Founder, and Magnate.  

Which runes are granted by the Premium system?
Clear Fragile Runes - they fit for any Parton, and their level depends on your Premium level.

  • Premium Level 3 = 1 Rune of level 9.
  • Premium Level 4 = 1 Rune of level 10.
  • Premium Level 5 = 1 Rune of level 11.
  • Premium Level 6 = 1 Rune of level 12.

However, each Premium level allows using only one additional rune. Thus, on Premium level 6, you will be able to use 4 fragile runes at the same time.  

What is Premium Cauldron with Elixir?
This is a rather useful artifact which will supply your whole raid with stat-increasing elixirs (you can select the type of stats). Each raid member can take two bottles: one with a defensive elixir, and another with an offensive elixir. The cauldron may be used once in 24 hours.