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Thursday, October 4th 2018, 12:09am

Author: Gladia

Just Out of Curiosity, Is the P2P Server Really That Dead?

Hello, Quoted from "averiess01" insanlar senden nefret mi ediyorlar? .D Even though your browser seems to translate everything, this is an English thread, so please answer in English .

Monday, October 1st 2018, 12:49am

Author: Gladia

Eyyy keep it going!

Hello, A small reminder to all forum users: Do not engage in personal attacks against forum members. Posts that attack another member, single out a player for ridicule, or accuse someone of inappropriate in-game actions will be removed without notice and further actions may be taken by the GM or Moderation Teams. In-game rule violations should be reported directly to our Support Team. Do not debate GM Team/Customer Support decisions or actions. Threads or posts designed to announce, appeal, or c...

Saturday, July 28th 2018, 10:36am

Author: Gladia

Problème d'accès néant temporel

Bonjour, Que se passe-t-il si tu cliques sur le bouton "Aller" (qui ne semble pas grisé) ?

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 11:40pm

Author: Gladia

Nouveau joueur sur ALLODS

Bonjour, Bienvenue sur Allods Online . Il n'y a pas de serveur francophone, mais 3 serveurs internationnaux : - New Frontier (F2P) : le plus ancien, celui sur lequel la grande majorité des joueurs se trouvent (y compris des francophones) - Smugglers Paradise (abonnement) : ouvert quelques années après New Frontier, dont l'accès dépend d'un abonnement, mais en retour, il n'y a pas de boutique, les avantages (sac, montures ou autre) se retrouvent via des quêtes ou les monnaies du jeu - Equilibrium...

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 12:07am

Author: Gladia

Problème de connexion au compte

Bonjour, Ce n'est pas très clair, tu as deux comptes Allods Online, ou bien tu parles de deux personnages différents ? Si l'un de tes personnages fait planter le jeu, comme te l'a expliqué Cybermaman, tu dois contacter le support pour leur expliquer. Au mieux, ils déplaceront ton personnage dans une autre zone dans le jeu. Je te conseille aussi une réparation du client (depuis le game center, dans le menu du bouton "jouer" tu trouveras une option "vérifier et réparer"), voire une réinstallation ...

Sunday, July 22nd 2018, 5:41pm

Author: Gladia

Return to Summerhold: 2018

Hello, It was passed on to the team, thank you for your reports.

Saturday, July 21st 2018, 9:33pm

Author: Gladia

Greetings from the new team

Hello, @Xrade19: Quoted Please refrain from making a "necro-thread." These are threads that have gone for more than a month without activity and then someone posts on it. Your post will be removed. Messages moved to the most recent topic about the Allods Online CM team.

Thursday, July 12th 2018, 4:55pm

Author: Gladia

Power for rent!

Hello, There was indeed a price error in the announcement, it is now fixed, thank you for reporting it. And please don't forget the forum courtesy principles when you answer someone . Quoted Keep it clean Keep it civil Be polite Stay on topic Share your knowledge Report posts for removal if they violate these standards

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 4:46pm

Author: Gladia

Worth it?

Hello, Please don't turn this thread into another F2P vs P2P players endless discussion again. Quoted from "dragagon" I say for now because 9.1 is around the corner (~1 week). Quoted from "Xrade19" So most ppl predict date as 18.07.2018, but ofc we will not 100% know until we get info about oficial date (if we get any info ) There is no official announcement about the next update yet, so none of the dates you can read for now (a week or July 18th) is an official date. Keep an eye on the News pag...

Thursday, July 5th 2018, 8:34pm

Author: Gladia

I made a mistake

Hello, There is only one way to know that, submit a ticket to the customer support: Thread closed.

Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 4:34pm

Author: Gladia

Help trying to complete "For The Good Of The Empire"

Hello, It seems to be in a chest: (this is so old I can't remember right now where it is exactly)

Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 1:03am

Author: Gladia

Addons list and how to install ?

Hello, I fixed the link Edit: 1aussieonly made a guide about addons here…d&postID=106532

Wednesday, June 27th 2018, 2:19pm

Author: Gladia

Game offline ?

Hello, Can you at least reach the server list? In any case, you may add the game client to your antivirus exception list. Check your firewall settings too. Server status in the game launcher doesn't mean anything, it's always "off". Servers are currently online. Whenever there is a maintenance, they are offline (but there is no maintenance planned for now) You can find the maintenance announcements here:

Tuesday, June 26th 2018, 1:47pm

Author: Gladia

Game offline ?

Hello, Do you have an error when you try to log in to the game? Or after you click "Play" nothing happens? What do you mean by "mine is all black"? your game? the latency indicator?

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 10:46pm

Author: Gladia

Latence noir

Bonjour, Des réglages ont été fait suite aux retours des joueurs FR chez Orange, pour Skyforge. J'aurais aimé savoir si il y avait des répercussions pour les joueurs d'Allods, chez Orange aussi. (Les réglages datent de ce jour, 20 juin 2018 ).

Saturday, June 9th 2018, 6:36pm

Author: Gladia

[Feedback]Gifts for new players

Quoted from "u_24826952" Are these gifts help me rank higher? And how to get them Hello, You should automatically receive the gift on any new character created either on New Frontier or Equilibrium (New Frontier is the most populated server) which are the 2 F2P servers. The gift includes a lvl 75 scroll, so you only have to get to the lvl 80 on your own. It's an optional scroll, you can use it or not. Gifts are different on Smugglers Paradise, the subscription server (P2P) and as far as I know,...

Saturday, June 9th 2018, 2:49am

Author: Gladia

i need help, new player here

Quoted from "u_3274557" i dont know why the forum just name me "u_3274557" and i cant log out, just log me automatically everytime i try to log out or a name change at least Hello, Did you try to choose a username here: You can't switch an already created character to another server, but you are free to create a new character on the server of your choice - New Frontier and Equilibrium are the 2 Free to play servers (New Frontier is the most populated, as said above...

Friday, June 8th 2018, 6:48pm

Author: Gladia

[video] Anyone saw this before ? (lag issue)

Hello, To anyone with latencies issues, please run a tracert + pathping to or - add the date/time country and ISP (Internet provider) to the result and submit a ticket to the customer support and PM me your ticket number once you get an answer. The more people running some connection tests and submitting tickets, the more efficient it is, if the issue is on the Allods server side. PS: don't send a screenshot, but a text file or a copypaste from the command window. Y...

Tuesday, June 5th 2018, 1:03am

Author: Gladia

I forgot my email and password but i remrber the nick name in game plz help

Hello, You'll have to get in touch with the customer support so they can help you to get your account back. You'll need a lot of information to prove you're the owner. (that's the only account related category available) Good luck.