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Friday, January 11th 2019, 1:41am

Author: PunisherSy

Creative Winter Olympics 2019

Quoted from "lnferno" Hey one quick question What are Marks of Accomplishment? Check this thread, HERE

Friday, January 4th 2019, 4:01pm

Author: PunisherSy

Patronage Symbols Decoration

So I kept thinking what should I pick as a decoration from the game, ended-up with a great Idea of using the patronage symbols so I picked "Xos" and "Stagan" symbols, after redrawing cutting and sparkling it wasn't so bad, thou I thought i'd be hideous xD . Name:Titanium Server: Evolution

Wednesday, December 19th 2018, 12:34pm

Author: PunisherSy

add armorsmith insignia

Quoted from "Arushieru" why do I change an entire class for 1 item ? beside the core is way expensive just like your said and its only for purchasers player so to bad this game is only for money maker player that's all although I don't know why a suggestion exist not means they will read what we posting anyway but we do post in the end Changing gear by core morpher is a by-product of changing your class, if you were to grind a new gear every time you change a class the core morpher demand will ...

Wednesday, December 19th 2018, 12:17pm

Author: PunisherSy

Is it really 60 % discount thou?

if you were to buy it with Purple crystals only then yeah its truly 60%. (if you have sufficient premium crystals for you whole upgrade cost then please don't read on.) But if you were to exchange blue crystals into purples you need 145.6 BC to turn into 112 PC but the game system only exchanges in multiples of 13 so you'll have to put 156BC in order to turn them into 120 PC. so the sales discount will be 56% (if to caluclate the cost is 145.6BC) and 44.2% (if to calculate the cost as 156). What...

Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 12:02pm

Author: PunisherSy

To [GM's, Stuff, Admin], what do you do wrong to game & How to fix it

there are many other things that the devs went wrong in this game, and you didn't include the most of them. Speaking of the Battle grounds its actually balanced, but you see when people look at their opponents and they're be like oh its X it will be a long match if I have to win it and simply abandon and go next for good luck vs easier opponents, or you have the thing that a full CS'd guy runs rampant in BG and only seeks kills and to go for highest dps like a jerk, abandoning the objective gami...

Monday, December 17th 2018, 12:40pm

Author: PunisherSy

The New Fair of the Free Traders

Quoted from "freestile" what do you mean by usefull stuff? i'd like to know at what point do holy weapons or other nice stuff start to show up if anyone knows? edit : btw is this sale permanent? haven't seen any dates.. A guild-mate told me that he got a weapon after 95, and yes its permanent, some people used to get a stack of trader tickets and could never use them, so its an old in-game feature that got activated just now.

Saturday, December 15th 2018, 12:57pm

Author: PunisherSy

The New Fair of the Free Traders

By good stuff I mean those that appear when you 1st try to open the trader box, like the shell. I did get a chance to get some bat and maybe other costume but i went for megaphones and expansion tokens and once you take a prize the value of the prize will be reduced from your total spinning stacks which you get by just spamming next and hope for the best.

Saturday, December 15th 2018, 12:39pm

Author: PunisherSy

Cryatal Exchange problem

Quoted from "Arushieru" will that's a selfish thing to do you see the way I see is that you better purchase to get a better chance Well... They modified the Purple crystals to be mostly cheaper or the same as the blue ones, if you were to ask were there any real discounts on stuff prices at the boutique or is it just a lame scheme that plotted ? I'll say yes, as far as I can remember most of the stuff got lower prices in both BC and PC except for few things got higher in both, but PC is ...

Saturday, December 15th 2018, 12:29pm

Author: PunisherSy

The New Fair of the Free Traders

I don't recommend this at all. I've spent like 2500 purple crystals and all the trash still show up, if you're willing to open for costumes or expansion token its maybe worth it, else than that save your money, this will amply strongly if you're among the f2p players then everything you pay is conversion with a ratio of 1.3 to 1 which come to think of the ticket price it self will be around 26 bc each with that being said the prizes value you get should be relative to the 26 bc which is mostly n...

Thursday, December 13th 2018, 9:00am

Author: PunisherSy

Rewards for accomplishments

Classic mycom management, screw-up apologize repeat.

Monday, December 10th 2018, 9:13pm

Author: PunisherSy

.أكو عرب بالطيارة ؟ حل مشكلة عدم ظهور اللغة

...السلام عليكم و رحمة الله تعالى و بركاته (معشرَ العرب في اللودز، لعلَ أولى المشاكل الّتي قد تواجهها عند تشغيل اللعبة هي عدم رؤية الكلام العربي داخل اللعبة (الكلام يكتب فعلياً ولكنّكَ لا تراه المشكلة تكمن بعدم توافر الخطوط لديك، لعلك قمت بإعادة تنصيب الويندوز مؤخرا؟ :لحل هذه المشكلة إتبع الخطوات التّالية أولاً: قم بتحميل الخط من الرّابط التّالي بعد التحميل عليك أن تقوم بتنصيب الخط إما عن طريقة فتح الملف و ضغط كلمة تنصيب أو لصق الملف في ...

Monday, December 10th 2018, 8:29pm

Author: PunisherSy

Remove Thunderstrike from the game

So what if you got thunderstrook ? Babyraging about a mechanic in game that can be implied by you and your opponent is fair, not to mention that the cheap thunderstike can be dodged by going invisible the other one just get out of the cast range... maybe next time pay attention what people are casting to you, it has a huge animation and if you got cc then get a good mount that counters cc... you should be fine even if you're thunderstrook as many people have lightning blots these days. and yeah ...

Friday, December 7th 2018, 6:26pm

Author: PunisherSy


I think you should make a sub-forum for each language instead of one single thread.

Tuesday, November 27th 2018, 10:59am

Author: PunisherSy

Looking for translators!

Quoted from "Abdofantasy" Add arabic please there is alot of player can help to add arabic You can keep dreaming, they'll never support Arabic and other languages, I've already offered them to communicate with the previous Arabic owner of the game to provide them translators, also I offered some help from me but they never responded. Plus Arab players population is pretty low, and they've adapted to this, not to mention that many of them pretend that the're not Arabs and speaks English even if ...

Tuesday, November 13th 2018, 3:15pm

Author: PunisherSy

Black Friday Mega Sale – 2018!

Mega sales ? more like Omegalul sales ...

Monday, October 29th 2018, 12:56pm

Author: PunisherSy

Premium Crystals Announcement

well that's a strange announcement coming out from you guys ... aren't you the ones that limited the patronage box sales only to blue crystals while its price still the same in premium crystals... talk about contradiction... well I guess its a step to help the small time donators, yet you do nothing for the f2p population, well I guess it's better than nothing.

Monday, October 22nd 2018, 3:29pm

Author: PunisherSy

New server name competition!

Name: Titanium Suggestion: Legacy

Tuesday, September 4th 2018, 6:22pm

Author: PunisherSy

How did it make it to the auction house ?

Like the title states, I was wondering how the hell did the lightning bolt kelpie did make it to the auction house! although why you buy it from collector's edition coupon it can only purchased with purple crystals and it will be bound to your character and I did find the kelpie lighting bolt in the boutique, so can anyone enlighten me on how to get it without a coupon ? and how is it trade-able ?

Sunday, July 29th 2018, 10:40am

Author: PunisherSy

Blood Tournament!

It'd be cool if you let f2p people buy tickets through Blue Crystals in game just like the collector's edition