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Wednesday, January 30th 2019, 11:51pm

Author: DarkMatter

Happy BirthDay, Aidenus!

I hope he was pleased with our gift

Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 4:35pm

Author: DarkMatter

New name server

We selebrate 20 years anniversary of Allods story and I suggest to continue to call server with names of old heroes or places, events from Allods history. Before we had Skrakan (Great mage, keeper of Umoir allod and hero of first game Allods 1), we had Zak server (hero of Allods 3 Evil Islands) and Nezeb (old empire leader and great mage). New server can be called Plagot - capital from 1st Allods. Rood Glaen - hero of 1st Allods who helped to stop Sarn's Great Demon. Only one person from origina...

Thursday, March 26th 2015, 12:30pm

Author: DarkMatter

[PMB]Autopsyst, Summoner

Quoted from "Autopsyst" Yo, Autopsyst aka worst summ EU is here again. Still playing as Summoner, still in Monsters inc. guild.. such a conservative person i am.

Wednesday, January 21st 2015, 5:43pm

Author: DarkMatter

Catherina Dead by Minc SFK !

Hello everyone My runes - 999 777, average in raid maybe 10-11, yeah. But its not really matter cuz for this boss u need only 2 things: 1.Brains mostly. Kick from raid stupid ppl, even if they have 13 runes, it wont help, cuz there is only "stupid ppl" checks, one person can wipe raid almost in any moment. 2.Top gear (suddenly) if u want to kill last boss in dangeon. Everyone who started to gear up from begining of patch should get full fable already, if ppl didnt slack a lot ofc.

Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 5:12pm

Author: DarkMatter

Mausoleum of Sparks: Official Reset Poll

Quoted from "Deamon" a hard punishment for the 49% of the community that loses the poll Sry, but no logic in your comment and no sense in this excuse =)) I mean, its hard punishement for 49% of server - we cant allow it, but if will be 74% - 26% you dont care about 74% of server. I hope u will agree that its wrong, respect 49% of ppl and in same time dont give a ### about 74% of same ppl <snip> Discussing mod action. -Mhul

Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 9:52am

Author: DarkMatter

Mausoleum of Sparks: Official Reset Poll

"To achieve a reset, a +75% minimum yes vote is required" Why not 80% or 69% or 95%? Isnt it everywhere 50% + 1 vote? Pretty strange for me. If u ask me, you should make decision using common sense, not wierd poll, because now MOS is BUGGED. Why you even ask ppl, need to fix bug or not???