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Tuesday, January 8th 2019, 2:01am

Author: LordMak

Hello/New player

It has evolved a lot and it's more pleasant to play now imo. The population did go down but it's still good enough to do anything The pay to win aspect is still as bad as far as I know, even if it's hidden behind alluring offers it's still there. Of course I'm only talking about the pvp if you're looking to go fully pve for just a little sum of money I'm sure you can make it happen ! Be warned though, you can go full pve that's for sure but your progression will be heavily slowed down as you nee...

Monday, December 31st 2018, 3:26am

Author: LordMak

F2P vs. P2P server

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" Quoted from "LordDamian" on subscription, after using my daily keys and doing daily quests, im "unemployed" - there is no point in farming gold... for further info look into my (outdated) thread "pro / contra subscription"…d&threadID=7017 What do we do after we're done with dailies and done our S6 on P2P? We actually play the game. You know, challenging heroics, fair pvp, raiding, gobbo, maze and so on. Funny how you ne...

Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 10:03am

Author: LordMak

To [GM's, Stuff, Admin], what do you do wrong to game & How to fix it

Hey man i really appreciate the effort you put in your post but perhaps you can format it a little bit ? This is the literal definition of wall of text, this is unappealing to read.

Monday, December 3rd 2018, 6:57pm

Author: LordMak

Doesn't mounts exist on F2P server at all?

Yes they do you're replying to a year old message. 99% of what is written here is outdated and P2P is doing well