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Friday, October 21st 2016, 1:15am

Author: passion81

Black and White Swimsuit

It's in the Boutique now for sale again, but no crystals returned to re-purchase and costume not replaced in wardrobe.

Sunday, October 16th 2016, 11:04pm

Author: passion81

Community Contest: Costume Assembly - Entry thread

Name: Blysse Server: New Frontier {img}[/img]

Tuesday, June 28th 2016, 2:13am

Author: passion81

Task Force Achievements

Name: Blysse Server: New Fronter F2P Completed Tasks Professions Create 15 Potions of the same type & quality – 10 points. - Life & Recreation ► Give money to a beggar – 10 points. - ► Go for a cold swim in Eljune – 10 points. - ► In full class-costume (any tier), salute your class trainer in your capital city – 10 points. - ► Get married (or divorced) – 10...

Thursday, June 4th 2015, 10:43pm

Author: passion81

Race to Victory - Nobility-Race Sos - Minc

Congratulations were given despite a hater started this thread - your reply doesn't hold valid --- and despite whatever numbers were which and whatever is your view, their view or someone else's view - - stop being jelly of one person and use your new skill to be #1 guild. If he has the monetary ability to buy sogs from others in game - why u cry bro----you mad??? SOS are the ones inciting with troll posts and moderators of this forum should take note. Sos started this thread and I'm done you ca...

Thursday, June 4th 2015, 9:49pm

Author: passion81

Race to Victory - Nobility-Race Sos - Minc

Grats to my friends in SOS --- That said some people are such poor winners!! If you win, stop being children - be humble, use your skill and see if you can become #1 guild with it. Instead some choose to behave in a pure immature stunt. I for one spent a hell of lot of money trying to help win and sure why not? I have the resources and I can spend in a game the way I choose to spend. If in doing that I lose, so be it. If others cannot spend but help in farming - great....but to down people becau...

Saturday, April 4th 2015, 2:57pm

Author: passion81

[PMB]: Pimp My Build

Quoted from "Gladia" Hello, For those who are afraid of being stolen, you can save your work and delete your entry. You'll post it again on april 16th . This is a joke right? Builds have been up long enough now they are already being copied. If you delete and re-post how does that make sense to prove who posted first and who is actually 'copying'. Just really bad decision making to extend this type of contest. Lack of good judgement.

Sunday, March 29th 2015, 2:45pm

Author: passion81

[PMB] VashBOG's Guide to every situation Ranged Scout.

Fantastic guide! I have 'upped' my dps at least 20-25% - thank you

Thursday, December 18th 2014, 12:24am

Author: passion81

Christmas Truce

I want war every week!!! N.A. gets screwed royally on this...of course if you are able to raid weekly you would like time off...but consider those who literally get screwed over by this game in N.A., but meh that would never happen now would it ? To be fair to those who rarely get the chance to attend the holidays should not be a phony truce.