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Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 1:46am

Author: bambustech

thank you

hey again. this is totally amazing, to get a reply on this so fast, even more since it's like 2 am for me. thank you Randir, for the short and pinpoint accuracy on the price for 1 month subscription. and a big thank you to Wraith02 for all the info you have given. so I'm guessing free time will continue to be given until the issues with payment has been cleared? I just wanted to know, because I like the game and I really wanna keep playing (even more when the transaction has already been cleared...

Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 12:35am

Author: bambustech

10 euroes for about 1 hour gameplay?

hey all. first of all, I have absolutely no idea if this is where I'm supposed to post this. I'm not even sure if this forum is even being watched by the people of allods. but hopefully I can get some answers to my questions. (I saw some new posts so there are people here) I recently joined up (about 2 weeks ago) and I had free subscription time (no idea how). so I made a charactor and all that, worked fine, until today, I ran out of time. (that's fair enough. hadn't paid for time yet, so only f...