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Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 7:13am

Author: Harpia

Lobster Shell

Quoted from "Xrade19" Metallix6 have right, it should be written to less intelligent people, who with don't knowed reasons can't write/ask to ppl who have this temporary mount, or don't understand what "won't last long" can mean, also i recomand write ticet or feedbeck not here but yehh.. Also this price for 3d mount is ridiculus, it shold be perm or for 30d in my opinion You have 10 billion gold? Fishy...

Wednesday, February 22nd 2017, 1:19pm

Author: Harpia

3 Little orders

Excuse me for my ignorance, but what are the rewards for higher order prestige?

Friday, February 3rd 2017, 2:05pm

Author: Harpia

Boost event: "10-20-30" - 03/02/17

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" 10.000BC + 700BC = 10.700BC + Bonus (calculated by 10.000BC and NOT 10.700BC) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 10.700BC + 3000 PC the hint means you do not get 3210 PC as bonus but 3000 because the 700 BC bonus from the 100€ is not considered in the calculation for the 10 20 30 bonus least thats what i understand from this Ok thanks. I also read it this way but I just hoped for a clarification from the staff.

Friday, February 3rd 2017, 1:30pm

Author: Harpia

Boost event: "10-20-30" - 03/02/17

The 10-20-30 Bonus does not stack with the 100 euro crystal purchase bonus. Please, explain further. If I buy the 100 euro bundle, what exactly will happen? 1) I am going to get the 30% bonus on the 10k crystals but not on the 700 crystals? 2) I am not going to get 30% bonus from the current promotion at all?

Friday, February 3rd 2017, 9:29am

Author: Harpia

8.0 population free to play/p2p

Population on the p2p server is...non existing. I have no idea why the p2p could not lift off on the International version, given the success it had on the Russian version. The f2p is fairly crowded. You won't feel alone for sure. A lot of big competitive and casual guilds on both League and Empire side. The leveling feels a bit boring, but occasionally you will find players here and there.

Thursday, February 2nd 2017, 10:37am

Author: Harpia

How to get more (Copeck)?

By doing the daily quests in the area.

Friday, January 27th 2017, 10:49am

Author: Harpia

Pat 5 sale plox.

+1 Please,!

Friday, January 20th 2017, 2:23pm

Author: Harpia

New Feature: Timed Artefacts

Meh, except for the 4th page of Mage's diary, rest is not even that rare. Maybe introduce the next tier in a promotion like this?