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Sunday, August 18th 2019, 11:58am

Author: FluffMachine

Luja-Gualla's spark

the execution of this quest is so far and beyond ridiculous. From the obnoxiously vague instructions to the hidden and unhighlightable objectives, then to a cat which has a proximity based fear and context sensitive action which only becomes available after a latent period where the cat is already gone, and not only that but you have to manage to time it perfectly 20 times, by sheer luck having the cat run circles around you instead of running away while you wait for the context action to finall...

Wednesday, October 31st 2018, 8:20am

Author: FluffMachine

Mysterious note: Ammer

This absurdity of the execution of this quest is astounding to me. Releasing it with scrolls that need to respawn after being opened ONCE, when obviously a lot of people from both servers are going to be doing the quest is ridiculous in and of itself, but then getting up to the 17th scroll and being restricted to 5 15 minute periods, 3 hours apart and a 12 hour window where its not at all possible is beyond absurd. There seems to be no consideration at all here for players in assorted time zones...

Thursday, October 25th 2018, 5:45am

Author: FluffMachine

[BUG REPORT] Immobilizing mobs = RIP melee

Quoted from "Rayofsshadow" Snare , u can still hit ppl in ur atk range or do the cleaves it normaly does Immobilize u cant do anything period. You're mistaken. Snaring is just one form of immobilisation. "Immobilise", as the word suggests, removes the targets mobility, meaning it cannot move but can still cast. "Stun" stops all action, "silence" leaves mobility but stops casting, and repositioning skills force the target to move (i.e, push, pull, knockback) and often have a stun attached, norma...