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Thursday, October 1st 2015, 12:45pm

Author: Warseal

We Need Gibberling Engineer Class

This would be very nice.

Friday, March 6th 2015, 4:11am

Author: Warseal

Trading Astralkeys for ...?

I thought idea was trade centre will have for trade items from tasks other may like but may you do not, such as astral items?

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015, 10:27am

Author: Warseal

10-20-30: Crystal Boost

Sad there was a delay but happy my ticket was dealt with so quickly.

Saturday, January 31st 2015, 3:03am

Author: Warseal

10-20-30: Crystal Boost

Is there meant to be a delay with premium crystals? It might be good to warn players they do no show at same time. I will send ticket If no change on the next day but I think this delay will cause sadness for players and ticket staff if not inspected soon.

Saturday, January 10th 2015, 1:54am

Author: Warseal

Why do NOT gear up?

Gearing is limited in time left for this patch so Play the games as you find it fun. Be ready for name calling in all battle grounds, it is MMO. Expected to have to earn all things on your own and be happy if others are taking time to help you (Find a nice guild to grow together). You are not the servant of the higher geared and they are not the servant of the lower, all can play as they like. Have fun at this game and be ready to make top gear next patch if this one seems too soon to end.

Friday, December 5th 2014, 12:21pm

Author: Warseal

Loot: Free for all

As a new player this confused and annoyed me too.

Friday, November 21st 2014, 10:02pm

Author: Warseal

New trials

Do you mean you die on the new trial of just find it hard to get a spark? I am warrior tank and get all the new trials. I live through them all but have only gotten a spark from Rain of fire once and I am unsure why. Lets us all help one another and try to figure out these new adventures together.

Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 6:42am

Author: Warseal

Cant get on?

Same for me. I think the big battle in Novo killed the game.

Thursday, September 4th 2014, 8:00am

Author: Warseal

5.0.02 preview: Changes to June Catacombs

Nice. JC is a big snooze fest under the current version.

Monday, June 23rd 2014, 8:48am

Author: Warseal

Is AO still worth playing?

I have also returned after a long time away (lvl 40 was the cap then). I find it is now fun to lvl even with out the cash shop (as it was in beta) and I have donated to get runes as they are no longer on the gear but with the character so they make life a great improvedment. Many other changes since then they I also like.

Monday, June 23rd 2014, 8:37am

Author: Warseal

Put the game on Steam

+1 to this.

Sunday, June 22nd 2014, 2:31am

Author: Warseal

Looking for a new mount

I hope this is not thought to be hijacking the thread but It is closely related. Do any have a suggestion on the cost to aquire a Dog from the card event vs buying the Wooly? I know Wooly M is not as fast as the dog but I am am unsure as to what, if any skill it has? Also to bring this back to the OP ( Kryptons) advantage, If I get a new mount I will have a Horse to lend until you can aquire a better one from some one else. I found even this simple mount to be a great help.

Sunday, June 22nd 2014, 2:14am

Author: Warseal

[Race change in 5.02] Puppies!

I would like to see Gibbi engineer. I may have to get help to post on my RU forum login in. As bunzy pointed out this is were the suggestions will have the most impact. I read only a little Russian and making my own post is a big step up from skimming through to get an idea of what new pics show.