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Friday, July 8th 2016, 8:22pm

Author: maryoosh

what these spells do

ruby subjugated astral - description says it is increasin astral dmg, i dont see any astral dmg spells? if they exist which one are astral? and other one spell - cautios combat... disables all effects and passive tallents that dmg enemies around your main target... what? whats the use of this?

Sunday, June 26th 2016, 2:16pm

Author: maryoosh

Task Force: Entry Submission Thread

Name: Reepsone Server: New Frontier (F2P) Professions ► Create an epic Weapon – 10 points. ► Create an epic Cloth armour piece – 10 points. ► Create an epic Plate armour piece – 10 points. ► Create an epic Leather armour piece – 10 points. ► Create 15 Potions of the same type & quality – 10 points. Life & Recreation ► Give money to a beggar – 10 points. ► Get married (or divorced) – 10 points. ► Go for a cold swim in Eljune – 10 points. ► Take part in the Kirah race or Wandering Isle race – 10 p...

Tuesday, June 21st 2016, 3:47pm

Author: maryoosh

astral gold farm

YO! didnt find any up to date info bout that, can some1 tell me how much golda givin astral farmin, both from quests in hangar and a mob farm for any particles/emanations, thanks ))

Thursday, May 26th 2016, 4:07pm

Author: maryoosh

This game feels...donezo

Quoted from "Ginko" Within true hands this game can compete with wow or other games. well yea... this is russian game, target of devs is mostly russian players and servers. they dont care about problems and sugestions that u give them from this non-russian forum. never saw a sugestion/issue/problem answered/fixed by devs (or it wasnt noticed by me), ppl who writing here on forums and trying to talk to devs most likely talkin to a hand (like in mask movie). guy who is leading advertisment of thi...

Thursday, May 26th 2016, 11:09am

Author: maryoosh

This game feels...donezo

Quoted from "Katerina" I understand your feeling about Allods. Anyway, it's maybe the most CS-oriented game I've ever seen. If you want to play, you must CS, that's all. You can't do anything about it, so if you or your friends aren't motivated to play, just give up. not true. depends what is your point of playing. am playing this game for few years already and i can say that u can play it completely for free. u can do astral, raids and other activities. but surely u will not be on top.

Friday, May 13th 2016, 4:44pm

Author: maryoosh

Add-ons for 7.0

this is pack of addons which i am using, feel free to dl. some of them does not work, was lazy to unselect them.

Sunday, December 27th 2015, 11:50am

Author: maryoosh

Nezebgrad hangar?

Hey guys, where can i find astral hangar and academy on empire side?

Monday, June 9th 2014, 6:10pm

Author: maryoosh

Loot rights

Hello, im looking for info about amount of loot rights that can be stored. i mean if i dont r-klick my 6,5k loot one week, will i have 13k next week?if yes, what is max then?

Saturday, May 17th 2014, 2:27pm

Author: maryoosh

Lets make a Vote game ! :)

Quoted from "reeah19" warrior is stupid op anyway Where? Maybe on p2w server. This thread is in p2p section and there classes are pretty good balanced.

Friday, May 16th 2014, 3:35pm

Author: maryoosh

Smugglers Paradise re-opening

Do you still believe that any1 looking over suggestions we giving them on forum? We gave them million ideas, not even single answer.

Thursday, May 15th 2014, 3:12pm

Author: maryoosh

idea for p2p

We already gave them million ideas to help p2p server but looks like noone from gm/cm/dev - whatever u call them - lookin into it. Simple they dont give a *** about non-ru servers looks like.

Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 4:49pm

Author: maryoosh

Smugglers Paradise re-opening

Quoted from "Bloodraven" Merge us with russian p2p, I always wanted to shoot some arrows at dem bear huggers. That's pretty good idea imo. The best option is advertising this game but well... it is too late. Maybe let's make a poll about merge wth ru p2p?

Tuesday, May 6th 2014, 12:43am

Author: maryoosh

LFM ru p2p server

As in subject. Any1 interested? I understand some russian, but still - it will be better to hear some english around

Monday, May 5th 2014, 7:57pm

Author: maryoosh

When will nerf come?

On sub server it is pretty good balanced now, there are no "op" classes.

Sunday, April 27th 2014, 8:10pm

Author: maryoosh

P2P server info

Well, the server will be good populated if all the people who say "oh i will go play on p2p but there is low population" will simple come here. People quitting because of low population bcause no new ppl coming bcause they dont advertise it anywhere... Perpetuum mobile.

Friday, April 25th 2014, 11:24pm

Author: maryoosh

(P2P) Best at each class

You just simple said all the population on sub server

Friday, April 25th 2014, 8:00pm

Author: maryoosh

AOD raid formation logic

For ppl who always say that there are no healers around i have one solution - go spec to healer, problem solved

Sunday, April 20th 2014, 3:42pm

Author: maryoosh

English client for ru servers

Please allow to use english client for russian servers. eu p2p server is hopeless atm, u dont advertise it anywhere, no new players coming, ppl quit bcause no new players coming...and im not gonna play on this pay to win server, pvp there is just a joke.

Saturday, April 19th 2014, 2:01pm

Author: maryoosh

English/German Guild on russian server

i tried to play on RU server and yes it is true, u need to know basics of russian. there are ppl who know english and i think bigger problem for me was russian client than communicate with ppl around.i know basics of russian language, but mainly i was talkin with them that way - they were talkin in russian and i was answering in english they should allow to use english client for russian servers imo

Wednesday, April 9th 2014, 11:19pm

Author: maryoosh

Question for GMs.

+ for merge with russian p2p. EU p2p is getting more empty :/