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Thursday, May 19th 2016, 9:26pm

Author: Waffle

Patronage chest sale? + insignia (pot) question

Quoted from "swedishmidget" So is there ever any sale for patronage chest? I want to get pat 5 but it's so fucking expensive holy hell, and you don't get anything from it until you reach 10 k holy symbols. you get pat 5 for I think 2h for every 100 symbols you use so you do get the benefit of it while working toward 10k and the timer doesn't run down while not online

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 1:46am

Author: Waffle

Trials of Tka-Rik Cave Guide

on the in search of the hidden trial you can kill demons to increase the timer up to a certain point

Thursday, April 7th 2016, 7:53pm

Author: Waffle


The kelpie still takes fall damage and dismounts in water even though the description says otherwise

Thursday, March 10th 2016, 1:48am

Author: Waffle

Allods New Order 7.0 Uptade feedback.

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" for warrior bloodlust has always been very important, but i wait to judge until i had the chance of playing 7.0 live & translated paladin looks VERY promising if you watch this video What is the red bar that is on the left side of their hp bar?

Monday, March 7th 2016, 9:33pm

Author: Waffle

Spring Festival: Nature's Wardrobe - 21/02/2016

Quoted from "freestile" omg this looks amazing, can russian get it already? if yes where is it obtainable? it was a reward for attending an event in moscow

Tuesday, February 23rd 2016, 9:42pm

Author: Waffle

Cash Shop Item [Master List]

The doctrine of the Executioner With this object you can learn the ability to "Torture". With him after killing an enemy character running speed will be increased by 20% and damage taken is reduced by 40% for 6 seconds. If you have a "massacre" skills, which can be obtained after activation code Hangman, after each kill an enemy character, the negative effects that can dispel be instantly removed. Also it gives character to the visual effect, supplementing the animation ability "Mutilate". Vali...

Friday, February 19th 2016, 9:43pm

Author: Waffle

Maze creation

my maze went to hard last week but I didn't get any souls at all

Thursday, May 21st 2015, 5:23am

Author: Waffle

Is there way to unbind runes sign?

runes are only bound if the items used to combine the runes of lower level are bound

Sunday, May 17th 2015, 7:55am

Author: Waffle

Gear vs Level

gear has a required level to wear and the higher the level required the higher the stats on the gear. most pvp will be at max level with maybe a few fights at lvl 23-29 there is free pvp in most zones as long as the other player has their flag of war raised or you have a war banner(drop from mobs that lets you attack unflagged players that are at most 3 levels lower than you are for 60 mins or until you are killed the war banner also increases the damage you deal by 10% and increases the experie...

Friday, May 1st 2015, 8:39pm

Author: Waffle

Why can't I sell amalgams to the Currency Exgange NPC ?

i have a feeling the minimum price of amal will go up after each phase just like the cost of glyphs do

Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 7:10am

Author: Waffle

May Holidays: 2015

looks like those screenshots are from the event last year

Friday, April 24th 2015, 8:54am

Author: Waffle

Why can't I sell amalgams to the Currency Exgange NPC ?

multiplied amal cant be sold to negotiant and item bought from negitiant cannot be traded back to it

Thursday, April 23rd 2015, 6:56am

Author: Waffle

Pixelated Clothing?

the game is probably still downloading the high res texture packs in the background once they finish the textures will be better

Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 5:17am

Author: Waffle

Blue Gear Sector Unlock????????????

isn't s1/2/3 supposed to not cost keys now?

Friday, March 27th 2015, 2:08am

Author: Waffle

Psi way of attack

still better than the fist fighting holy pally

Friday, March 20th 2015, 5:07am

Author: Waffle

Priden Outfits

next time they have prophetic cards these costumes will have a chance to drop

Tuesday, March 17th 2015, 10:28am

Author: Waffle

rune calc

they increased the cc cost for all levels

Monday, March 16th 2015, 7:27am

Author: Waffle

Automagically open the Astral Trap on ship

also seems like not every demon kill increases the resource buff and you have to deactivate and re activate to get it to count the kills

Monday, March 16th 2015, 7:25am

Author: Waffle


seems like there are quite a few quests that are bugged this patch