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Monthly Challenge August 2017: Trash Takeout

Dear Sarnaut,
We’ve got another special mission heading your way as part of the Allods Monthly Challenge.
“In return for a special prize each month, we’ll be challenging you with special custom tasks that could be related to any and all facets of Allods Online, such as levelling, dungeons and raids, boss hunting, crafting, exploration, content creation… The possibilities are endless”.

A tuft of hair. A broken tusk. An empty bottle. The creatures of Sarnaut typically carry around strange items – items that, to us, are simply considered ‘trash’ that is worth a few paltry gold coins. Still, gold is a valuable commodity and no less important than the noble goal of keeping Sarnaut clean, and so our first combat orientated challenge is born!
Fancy getting your hands on a juicy reward for a simple task? We hereby challenge you to help us keep Sarnaut clean by taking out the trash (in style). All you need to do is gather 50 items of trash from an enemy of choice and take a picture of yourself afterwards – the more fun or inventive the scenario, the better!
Maybe you want to show yourself dancing on the corpse of a Rhino you stole hair from, or throwing all that trash into the astral like a space-litterer, or maybe you're wearing your cleanest costume in the dirtiest place you can find – it is up to you to use your imagination once you have gathered the items. We’ll pick the best of the bunch at the end of the event and shower the winners with these lovely gifts:
PRIZES (per server)
  • 1st: 5000 Premium Crystals, 4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
  • 2nd: 3000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
  • 3rd: 2000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins
As always, if a winner resides on Smuggler’s Paradise (P2P), the reward will be converted into subscription time.
  • Gather 50 items of trash from enemies of your choice.
  • Take a screenshot (clearly showing the 50 items in your inventory) while your character is being awesome.
  • Submit your screenshot into the dedicated thread (along with your character name and server) before the end of the month.
Simple! This is the third of many upcoming challenges. There will be different tasks and rewards each month, so stay tuned for more. Until next time, we wish you lots of luck and fun during your adventures and hope you enjoy the “Creation” expansion.
-The Allods Team


Vickie Lynn


Beiträge: 246

Wohnort: Lyon, France

Beruf: Teacher

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Jiinsoyun / New Frontier

Nice! Many eyes for a perfect necklace! But now, I must clean up the ground, damn!
MomOfKotofei - Warden 80
SonOfKotofei - Demonologist 80
DadOfKotofei - Demonologist 80
BroOfKotofei - Scout 80
SisOfKotofei - Warrior 80
Aezelie - Barde 80
SexyVickieJin - Cleric 80
Solstis - Summoner 80
Tatjanna - Paladin 80
Vick - Engineer 80
VickieLynn - Mage 80
Zeyja - Psioniscist 80
Yaroslavna - Paladin 20

Supreme Intelligence

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Character : Noah
Server : Equilibrium

This feling when you get 50 Dominium tools, but thay disappears in 2d, and you need have 55lvs more to use them ....

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Name : EngineerYaye
Server : New Frontier

So i opened new stand to sell my trash,
from the common eyes to the most rare lion heart.
my stall is just above the actuon house to steal their customers.

well, after the hard work i got only 2 customers (and one of them is chicken)
and i really dont know why people dont come...

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Monthly Challenge August 2017: Trash Takeout

Name: Goldejubilee
Server: New Frontier
Click Here


Char : Brissen
Server : Equilibrium

I think need garbage truck for this



Server:New Frontier
Character: Nuie
#AoAugustChallenge2017 Video




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Wohnort: Poland

Beruf: Student

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Character: ShandraManaya
Server: Equilibrium

Almost like "Jurassic Park"



Quarion G.


Beiträge: 2

Wohnort: Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom

Beruf: Artist, Philosopher

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Without attempting to create a perfect comic, here's mine. Creativityyyyyy. I should make an ongoing thing out of this.

This is a parody of all the special snowflakes out there.

Name: Sepheres
Server: New Frontier


Name: TicTacToe
Server: Equilibrium

So I thought I'd drop by to the new server and see how things work

Us Tic and Tac and our chaperone Toe did a good job keeping our Saranut clean, it matters the most to us as we are gibberlings and Wardens; so we feel nature the most.

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?


Character name: Twizy
Server: Equilibrium

"Suck these nuts, you ugly squirrel!"

Link to image:
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  • Allods online August Competition 2017.png

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Wohnort: Syria

Beruf: Student

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name : Elendria
Server :Equilibrium

"Ok, now am done cleaning my house from all those leaves and branches. I should get dressed up for dinner" :thumbup:
> Dinner is ready ! Boys! Girls! come for dinner !
"Phew , it was a tiring day"

مُشْرِف سَابِقْ في اللودز العَرَبِيّة


Name : xHAMMAMx
Server:New Frontier
Trash : Rare Beads :P :P

During the attack on empire...

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Character : TROPICAL
Server : New Frontier

In Brazil, this is the best time to expand business, Vacations!!


Character: Elsewhere
Server: New Frontier

Why throw the garbage away when you can give it to your enemies?


Name : demaiin
Server : New Frontier

The punishment for garbage collectors is death

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Name : Xsoraxx
Server : New Frontier

Thanks to there Brand New allience with the Aoidons the Demons go around ammer cleaning up and putting away all the trash keeping it a clean enviroment for there people and animals! Celebrating there good action they dance!
»juny93« hat folgendes Bild angehängt:
  • Allods_170810_134545.jpg

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