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Monday, September 18th 2017, 9:51pm

What's the endgame like nowadays?

Hello all, probably a returning player here.

So i havent played the game in a long while - i tried to get back into it like 2 years ago but finding groups for the starter sectors was nearly impossible and i wasn't really able to get gear as everyone only did the harder sectors. Thus, i wasn't really able to do anything as most activities demanded to be geared. The problem was not that i wanted to get my gear easier, it was just that there wasn't much more to do for me except running starter astral sectors and some dailies and i got bored of that after some time. It was different compared with PreGipat or Gipat-Times.

Lately i have seen the trailer for the new patch 8.2 and decided i want to get back into the game. I got a healer in the 50s from back then but before i continue leveling and invest time into the game, i wanted to know what's there to do in the endgame. I don't have a problem with investing 20-30€/month into the game, so i am not exactly a whale, but i figured out that i am nowadays able to rent most "p2w" items for that price, thus i guess the cash barrier is pretty much gone for me.

So, what are you guys doing in endgame or what have you done when you got to 75? I just want a short (or extensive if you dont mind) introduction into the endgame chapter :)


Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 2:03am

Well, thx to the new search group system, now it is easier to do some stuff:

-Can do astral runs and the top raid to get mats to craft and upgrade gear.
-Also can do pvp to get mats (for gear) and other stuff.
-Can do maze dungeons (run dungeons made by other players) and create your own.
-Can do the dailies at Kingdom of Elements to get some mats, gold, and stuff for your private dungeon.
-If are in a big-enough guild you can also do dominion (which is guild vs guild).


Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 1:01pm

gearup: i press CTRL M and select the currecnt layer, wait < = 5 minues and then im on an allod
either with a few random players or wtih free mercenaries, i kill 4 bosses and get my gerup material

pvp: like always, press CTRL + M and it starts shorty after

farming / openworld pvp: kill mobs / players in kingdom of elements ("KOE")

there are (many) other activities too but these are the main ones i do

since level 50 there have been MANY changes; i started this game when 51 was maxlevel

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