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Tuesday, January 9th 2018, 2:21pm

Please Help with Oracle

I have a level 35~ Oracle and feel like I'm struggling at times. I've been taking talents and rubies that are marked with a star but wonder if there is something more optimal. Granted, it could be just a deficit in gear/stats. A little rotation help would be appreciated, too. I know the usual advice that it doesn't matter this early in the game, but I'd like to have some kind of idea in order to prevent having to unlearn any bad habits later in the game.


Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 2:02pm

Main problem is there are completely different stats used in endgame.
Ability to cast spells for psi classes depends greatly on rubies and critical chance stat. While leveling you can't get gear with critical chance and don't have enough rubies to get all necessary stress and cooldown reductions.
Psionicists don't have fixed rotation. many spells cd varies depending on other spells used and your critical hits. Some spells require buffs you get from using other for optimal result... again depending a lot on critical hits, so critical chance.

Around 70 level you can get astral type gear (with secondary stats available) from quests and it is when you can start to learn proper rotations etc. Before this you can use dungeons or time void to stay overleveled by 2-5 levels above zone level to make quick progress trough them.

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