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Gleaming Tools


I'm just new to the game like almost 1 month.
I tried to search the forum to enlighten my question but i cant find anything.

How to make or get gleaming tools to create a higher version (epic, legendary etc.)
My profession is lvl 75 alchemy and i checked my recipe and it's not there.
maybe my profession is not suitable?
maybe there is a quest or someone i need to talk to to get the recipe?

Please help me! :(

Thank you :)




Your profession is indeed not suitable.
You need any profesion but Alchemy to do this.
Depending which one depends on how you like to farm materials for it:
leatherworking/tailoring is done by farming mobs of the different levels(depending on what level of item you need to craft)
Blacksmith/Weaponsmith is made by farming materials from different levelling maps. I don't suggest THIS one unless you have the CS item that makes your autolooter also gather these materials automatically by being near to the nodes.

Once max lv you should be able to craft tools. Some of the materials required needed are farmed in astral, the others are bought from the profession vendor.
If you won't have gleaming tools unlocked on lv75 then send a ticket because you need to level up the tools from a different kind of tools because of the different levels we've gone through in last patches. Basically if you won't have gleaming unlocked, make sure to send a ticket.



additional advice:
dont waste time and resources with gearup now - geareset is soon
get the orange drops from the orange sector, its sufficient for regular PVP


Oh! Good thing i haven't used my mats.
Thanks for the information.
I really appreciate your concern.

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