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Monday, April 16th 2018, 11:20am

Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Counselor - 16/04/2018

Dear Sarnaut,
Imagine a simple diary - a means to capture memories, words of wisdom, past knowledge and life experiences. Most people rely only on their own memory, which can fade over time, whereas the best kept diaries can last forever and must be physically destroyed in order for those memories to be lost for good.
If you could read minds, wouldn't it be similar to reading a diary? In that case, what happens when you take a glimpse into the ancient journals of the Great Mage's themselves? The mere thought of this has transcended such diaries from being mere 'old books' to the most sought after artifacts of Sarnaut.
Those wise enough to know the danger of holding such knowledge also knew that destroying it would be madness - deciding instead to lock them away, or even rip them apart page by page and seal them away in fragments - but even the most guarded knowledge can be learned.
With such artifacts now in circulation, will you take a glimpse into the mind of a Great Mage? From April 16th to April 23th, you will have that chance during the Radiant Strongbox of the Counselor sale.

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