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Monday, April 30th 2018, 2:20am

New Player

Just found out about this game yesterday and it seems that playerbase is really low plus it is a p2w game altough p2p server are much better for a non p2w player so my question is, Is it worth to spend my time on a low playerbase p2p server, is there enough players for endgame content, this game is a legit wow clone but it intrigues me and i really want to give it a try, but spending time on sometime that might not pay off seem like a risky move. I am just looking for advice from a experience allod player.

Thank you for taking you time to answer my question.


Monday, April 30th 2018, 3:41am

low playerbase is not true for normal server, it has a healthy battleground-pop, auctions, a worldchat with ppl sending messages all around the time and so on

only the new free server "equilibrium" and the p2p have a low playerbase (everytime i log in there, capital cities have only 3 or 4 players around, battleground does not start and so on, players on the forum write similar experiences)

if you are unhappy with the existence of an itemshop keep in mind you can farm gold and exchange it for BC so even a free player can reach items from the shop over time, i did this myself
furthermore, in every progressive game you can "buy" progress, in the "worst case" you buy someone others account (which is ofc agains terms of service theoretically, but practically in the end noone can know) - here the money at least goes to the game itself instead of 3rd parties
also: if you have all the items from itemshop but no proper gear (and you can only get this by clearing endgame PVE content), the players without itemshop-goodies will still defeat you with ease... so dont overestimate the itemshop

game looks like a wow-clone at first but its more than a clone, has unique story, mechanics lore and so on...

anyway, on free server you get "instant level 75" item at the moment so only 5 more levels to max and on paymentserver you get 7 free days playtime (?) after creating your account if i remember correctly, so plenty of options to test and make sure you enjoy the game :)


Monday, April 30th 2018, 5:52am


So Playerbase wise you would say New Frontier has the biggest population?
What about Smugglers Paradise?


Monday, April 30th 2018, 12:12pm



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not enough people but we still enjoying. u can't play like hardcore but u can enjoy with fun people. Actually pop was not bad until 2 weeks ago. now it's so sucks. Maybe people back wtih 9.1 update.


Monday, April 30th 2018, 5:46pm

RE: Ok

So Playerbase wise you would say New Frontier has the biggest population?

yes, definitely


What about Smugglers Paradise?

very small population

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Monday, April 30th 2018, 6:03pm



tbh if we all want the sub server to be back, we should send all new/returning players there since they will simply play f2p for 2 weeks max and quit because of CS. It honestly is a waste of time for everyone that comes back or tries the game out only by dying in 2 shots or underperforming making them feel shit because there are much higher cash shop players. If every week about 5 new/returning players went to sub server league side, the problem would be fixed very quickly.


Monday, April 30th 2018, 9:24pm

if everyone would like a subscription model, this server would have a high population
as it does not, its likely most ppl dont want this model...

also, someone who gets 2hit in PVP is at fault himself. PVP is the kings discipline in this game and its to expect for a new player to be inferior over a veteran (like in every game)
if your gear is up to date and you have basic items you can participate very well in BG
have a good team and its even better

its all about knowledge and experience, i have seen players which came back because of the free instantlevelup+items and adapted to new gameversion within a few hours
its funny to see players without even the soldierbadge destroy guardian-veterans

those, who play casually and do not use all astralkeys to get gear, have bad specs and statdistribution or do not play concentrated ofc will not reach the results the ones who do all of this. if someone does not get satisfaction with his performance he can improve. knowledge is not a problem in this game as there are enough kind ppl around who are willing to share theirs

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