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New Frontier Changing orders


Monday, August 6th 2018, 11:44am

Changing orders

I joined an order and left it and when i chose to join another order it said "you have started a quest you must complete it". i searched everywhere in polis and in my quest log and in forums but i can't find the quest that i have to complete. is this a glitch? pl0x help


Monday, August 6th 2018, 1:40pm



For on subscription its "win 3 bg's and complete 3x s4's" I think.


Saturday, August 11th 2018, 11:27pm

having the same problem atm and can't figure out a sloution


Saturday, August 11th 2018, 11:32pm

Vickie Lynn


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When you quit an order, a quest appears AUTOMATICALLY in the quests log of the character with which you left the order. It is a level 75 quest (marked as repeatable). This quest asks you to win 3 skirmishes and finish 3 astral runs.

I hope having been clear.
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