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Monday, October 1st 2018, 6:09pm



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Anomalous sector events

Hello, this time I'd like to have it about Anomalous Sector.
For a very long time, I've done it at the NA time, being at 01:00 til 02:30.
Now when entering within a minute the moment that AS opens, you will get an event, like one opens every 30mins, which is awesome.
Now that my school started, I am trying to do my AS' on the earlier timezone one, which goes from 19:00 to 22:00.
Now what I noticed after several times, is that we do not get an event when entering the moment AS opens at 19:00. The 1st 2 times I thought I messed up, or was too late, or fucked up something, but now doing it for the 4th time and still no event, I am starting to believe that this is wrong and it's something on allods' side.
Please fix this and make AS events happen at 19:01 when a ship is present like you do at the NA time AS.
Thanks in advance :)

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Monday, October 1st 2018, 7:31pm



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not to mention the research ship, and the lack of chests spawning sometimes...
MMOseppe peace out! 8o


Monday, October 1st 2018, 9:59pm

Omg it is since the Event comes in As that it first start 30 Minutes later and now after i dont know 3 Years it should change because Mr i need all want it ?

Really Draga can you screw down your claims a bit? :cursing:

and the Ship is easy to do when you know how you do AD but by the Ship you start to cry :thumbsup:
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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 12:13am



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Tashuna it should be the same as the other AS, and ofc people have issues with this system. It's not because it has been like this for 3 years now that there aren't any bad things left on the server? Or things that need fixing? for example your builds #gitgud.
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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 11:39am

It is because Na time As is 1 1/2 Hour and Eu Time has 3 Hour maybe you understand it and there is nohting to fix :D

and never befor i saw that anyone has Problems in this time , same with the 150 Emantion Trap ! 2 Month here and play and want change all in 1 week awesome Guys
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