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Astral loot

So far in my entire life playing allods
I was asking who came up with idea of
not looting in astral ?
was the point giving us 196 keys most of my equipment either from Al Rihat
or from auction house ..
please bring the old looting system I wasted 196 keys
and I didn't get a single thing from astral :|
and I believe a lot of players agree with me

I’m the heavy cruiser

originally from the

first oriental fleet

[ Fleet of Fog ]

Mental Model [ Takao ]


i prefer system vvhat is novv

becose of lovv drop chance for 90% you have motivation to lv up your jobs like weaponmaker/blacksmithing/tailoring or leathervvork
also becose of it you can eazier find person vvho vvill pay gold/bc to you for craft items, i vvas not liked old times, vvhen you got job, but you culd not do much about them, novv it look more balanced
Ai-rihat helping returing players or your incarntion if you planing develop more character to play, so you can sell eq to another players have no much time to farm
Also if you don't vvant pay for 90% eq you still have option to get it from privat allods for etherium (by robering maze another players or just vvaiting for your horns/doing daily quest)
Got some chance to get loot on Normal dificulity observatiorium raid
Or some small chance in astral or heroics
if you don't like doing astral, you can invest your time to build ship, and do astral hunts, so you vvill can exchange nuggets for box
also if your cash player you can pay for puri scrols or buy ce vvith time puri scrol

I like that, ther is many options to realiz your order, then just one, and another you vvill no do cuz not vvorth to spend time for it, if you have ezier

So in short if thay vvill do vvhat you propose

a) economy change in ai-rihat
-> poor ppl vvill lost sorce of farming/ or lost some profits
b) economy of crafting
-> crafters vvill lost economy motivation to craft anythink/ use thay resourse for exchange to gold/bc
d) overall economy
-> ppl vvho not get gold from ai-rihat/crafting vvill buy less items in auction house for thay gold
e) get less euro
-> Puri scrols cuz if you get ez drop, vvhy to even buy them
f) motivation of ppl vvill lost
-> vvhy to go normal/hard obs if you can get items in astral ezier, you have no dragon relits anymore, so for go ther you only get resours to make your artefacts
-> less ppl vvill do raids or join obs eazy to farm dust
-> less ppl vvill be able to do raid vvith randoms or it vvill pop less often
g) astral change
if you get all eq you need ther vvhy to even burst your kays
-> you join s6 alone, so can't meet nevv ppl for do content togheter

So vvhat system you propose to recompensate it, and also make jobs usefull too :thumbup:

Don't think only about yourself :whistling:

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The material you get for burning your keys is used to craft half of your equipment, that you cannot get in another way.
If it may help explain further, click here.

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