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Sunday, March 24th 2019, 6:55pm

Returning player - nostalgia hir hard

Nostalgia hit me hard just now, Allods was my first mmo ever, and I am still in love with the world and visual style of the game.
If I remember correctly I left shortly after bards were introduced, a whole lot seems to have changed since then. My question now is, are
there hints you'd give a 'new' player? I'm still familiar with the zones of dungeons up to ... I think isle of revelation? (God was it an
awesome feeling getting there the first time ... the music man, the music!)
Are there classes or races that I should better avoid for now, or some other traps a new player could step into? How are professions doing these days? I'm looking forward to reading about your wisdom, more experienced players :)

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Thursday, March 28th 2019, 8:37am



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Thursday, March 28th 2019, 10:18am


Thursday, March 28th 2019, 10:37am



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PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Thursday, March 28th 2019, 4:07pm



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Sorry to kinda hijack your thread but I'm also a returning player and yeah nostalgia hits hard! I'm also looking for any tips and noob mistakes to avoid :P
What are the main things I should be buying first from the boutique? Also if is there any leveling guilds? eng if possible
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Thursday, March 28th 2019, 7:47pm

any tips and noob mistakes to avoid

1. Do all the storyline quests or you may find yourself locked out of zones your own level. I am 85 but still don't have access to the key 85 zone for new 85s because I haven't completed all the storyline quests in Sogot. The game does not really make clear which zones are blocked until you complete the storyline quests in a lower zone.

2. Don't believe all the game mail you receive or the in-game recommendations. When you are 75 and 80, they recommend you do activities that are not available until 85 and zones that are too hard for a 75 or 80.

3. Keep an eye on the Automove feature. It can be useful but often takes you right through a clump of monsters that will kill you and occasionally over the edge of an allod and straight to purgatory.

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