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New Frontier Dead CIty quests


Thursday, February 22nd 2018, 10:49am

Dead CIty quests

Hi everyone,

Before the patch I have completed whole Dead City, now I am left with 3 quests The Flipside Revelation: At-Zak; The Flipside Revelation: Sarn; The Flipside Revelation: The Great Dragon; I have no idea where do I finish those quests. I have been looking for days and didn't find anything. I even waited for Thursday's restart and still nothing I can do :( Can anyone help?

Edit: Of course autowalk doesn't lead anywhere and quest flags are in DC where I can't finish quests.
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Thursday, February 22nd 2018, 7:01pm



What does it say in the quest? Do they talk about "talk to npc xxx" ?


Thursday, February 22nd 2018, 11:24pm

Unfortunately no :( All the quests look like this (attachment). No more information about where should I go or where the quest ends. I'm stuck :(
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Thursday, February 22nd 2018, 11:43pm

Are you tried talk with leader of your fraction/ his bookman ?


Friday, February 23rd 2018, 1:16am

I tried, no result at all :( I went to cradle NPC too.


Friday, February 23rd 2018, 8:47am



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When you say "i completed dead city", did you kill the Dead King too or just Nihaz ?

If I remember well, the last boss of each wing gives you a quest, maybe they belong there ? Have you tried clearing one wing again and see if you can return it there ?


Friday, February 23rd 2018, 12:03pm

I have killed the dead king after the patch and it took some time because DC is much harder right now - nothing dies with one hit anymore, so I'm not able to finish DC alone now. When i killed dead king after the patch i could talk to Nihaz and finish the quest without any problem.


Friday, June 21st 2019, 5:26pm


Wednesday, June 26th 2019, 12:14pm

Just yesterday, I tried finishing this with my reincarnation (from which I've unlocked Cradle map before the patch, but not finished DC Quest), and ran the whole instance.... I have the 3 "Flipside of the Revelation" Quests from the 3 Faction Bosses, and then went to Nihaz.

Unfortunately, there's no "Challenge Nihaz" option from the dialogue box. Because of that, I can't accomplish these quests.

Hope it should be fixed asap. Those raid rubies are surely needed. :(

EDIT: I tried again today, after maintenance. Final Burst Quest fixed, but the DC quests still not.

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Saturday, October 19th 2019, 8:50am

Has this bug fixed? I killed Nihaz with my friend, npc didn't appear to me and I don't know what to do now.

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