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Don't forget about Determiniation, its good when u fight small packs of mobs or a boss that change aggro and hits every member of your pt.
At the end Determination is more effective then brutality (when it reaches 100%).
I even noticed that on allods where u have fire or gas cloud debuff, 1-2 hits of it triggers very quickly 100% on Determination bar.

You must not get a lot of astral then.

Because the healers need to concentrate on keeping the tanks alive not on keeping the squishy mediocre dps up.

They have to focus on healing the whole group when mobs run around or the boss hists random group member, and many bosses are doing that now on allods. Read carefully what I wrote.

And, yes Dracias, its effective more then proficiency but only at 50%+ on determination bar. Still, only when u have to fight a group of mobs or u get constantly hit, u get the bar so high (it don't have to be strong hits). Even the gas cloud, fire or poison on the ground can get u over 50% on the bar - since we have low gear now).

Btw. for fun:
30pts. in determination at 50% determination bar gives a boost of 29,6% where as Proficiency with the same amount gives 30% boost, but when the determination bar jumps to 52% it's 31% boost :D

Y = Z*0.0203*X^(0.9915) ---- eq. for calculating the boost of vigor's dmg done by determination
Z --- is the % on determination bar
X --- is the amount of pts in determination
R^2 = 0.9997

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