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Thursday, April 10th 2014, 1:51pm



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I've already seen this, also before of our merge.

I think it's a bug.
On the Italian server it happened a couple of times I think, while returning from astral.
I remember an imperial player with Rowdy and Matron follow him around imperial square.
No cheats in that case.

But imo it's cheating take advantage of it and go in the opposite faction to kill everyone.
I would open a ticket to inform the support anyway :/

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Thursday, April 10th 2014, 1:55pm



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Simple - you are cheating. BAN! :P
Well clearly it's the warden Bubona that is having the mercs here, If you even touched him, the merc would rape you afterwards or before you had time to kill the warden, and the merc didnt respawn as you killed the owner.

Then let me rephrase it:
Simple - he's cheating - BAN!

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