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Friday, May 2nd 2014, 1:27pm



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[PMB] Scavenger

Morning /Evening everyone ! , Scavenger talking ! i been playing as a warden for a while now and sort of doing best i can do , astrals/raids and everything else , nothing major in pvp yet cause no time for pvp , RL xDD

enough with the hi-hi chat and lets get to the act !!!

1#History /Introduction :
a 1 year ago , to be exact back in patch 3.5 and before , wardens were badasses ,high damage , crazy dodges , everything tuned up to the MAX , but out if a sudden the devs decided to give wardens and their Pets a Hard time , from removing the old-school Shred-Rip-Clout combo, to nerfing the pet as hell , yet they kind of paid back by making paired fists better and better since patch 4.0.3 which had a huge impact on game style !

for example (you can skip this if you want , nothing too major but just comparing ) once i was a caster warden , went to s32 with couple of friends , the 2nd warden in party was lower runes /1000less gear score than i do , yet he was killing all dps with his paired fists build . Changing to melee/fists is the new AGE , join me today and see what we can do :D

2#Who is a Warden ?

a Warden is a dps-off heals class , with natural balance , renew , AE/AV he can help the group survive yet do a good dps

warden main attacks are based on pet , yet this patch pet is kind of bugged , like when you use maul/grab as an attack normally the pet should hit with maul then basic attack , while now it does otherwise , so its annoying to start the combo with that "lag issue " our pet is having :(

still pet is a big factor of a warden role

3# Changes in the recent patch :
basicly most changes were not in the favor of a warden , still has a role to play in parties /raids ...etc
this patch changes are as following : , (copied from allodsoracle , cant find the patch notes on this forum >.< )
  • “Superior Balance” now increases Tenacity by 5/10/15% instead of Agility. The reduction in the cooldown of “Bark Shield” remains unchanged.
  • “Enhanced Reflexes” gives the Warden and his pet the ability to dodge attacks with a chance of 5/10/15%.
  • The ruby “Blade Turner” has been replaced by the ruby “Werewolf’s Thirst” which increases Bloodlust by 5/10/15%.
  • “Heightened Senses” increases armour by 5/10/15%.
  • “Primal Inspiration” increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
  • “Force of Nature” increases Vigor by 3/6/9%.
  • “Feral Instincts” reduces critical damage received by the Warden and his pet by 5/10/15%.
  • “Predatory Urge” increases Anger by 4/8/12%.
  • “Bestial Synergy” increases Luck by 4% for each stack of the effect.

as i said above , the fists are now more and more powerful than ever , that's why i changed from caster to melee fists :D

4#Talents :
i'll be speaking about a build that's for PvE ( dont have a pvp build yet ) which will use 68 talent points ,and 58 rubies
this build has a nice dps , good survive , and balance stats .Notice that this build doesnt have AE (healing balm ) its a waste to take 12x talents and 3 rubies for it , while you can make a 100xof the Astral Potion of Fast Restoration with a less cost (heals 50% of hp and 40% while its only 33% on healing balm) . Only used skills in this build will be discussed :D

-Wolf's blow :
deals damage to the target , with rubies its the main attack/spam skill (Rank 3)

2-Lightning Strike:

This should be rank 3, it's essential to any build so we can get off-balance effect, the chance to give off-balance effect increases after a successful Shred combo( Lightning Link)


This also should be rank 3, so if the target is Affected by off/balance effect OW will be applied (Open Wound)

4-Boar's Blow:

I choose rank 2 Deals damage and With this ability u can knock down , off-balance and OB your target. Good skill for any build

at Hunt:
Rank 3, it's a must for any build. Increases your pet's damage by 40% and his threat generation rate by 70% in rank 3.


Rank 3, very important in every build . Heals you/pet and your party for 10 seconds ( You can increase it's effect and duration if you take support-based rubies. You can use this when your pet goes to the ethereal plane, so he can back to the fight earlier.

7-Bee Swarm:

Rank 1, a very useful skill for some cases where you need to cc a mob while you deal with another one . Inflicts damage, and disorients your traget for 4 seconds, and last longer (100%) if u use on open wounds effect.

8-Lion's Strike (also known as Clout ):

Rank 3, an upgraded version of wolf's blow, so deals more damage.

9-Lethragy potion :
Rank2 , make the target sleep for 40secs ,can be cast only if your target's HP is 80% (very useful especially in farming wellbelle when you aggro more than 1 mob , just put some to sleep )

مُشْرِف سَابِقْ في اللودز العَرَبِيّة

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Friday, May 2nd 2014, 1:28pm



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10-Hawk Strike : rank 2 , do damage and make the target loses XX amount of mana (not energy )if he has a the open wound effect , should be taken with rubies to do Searing Pain and Shred combo

11-Aura of Regen : Rank3 , only took this for astral parties when you have long fights its very useful ( you can drop it if you want more dps and -->

12-Bear Blow : rank 3 (instead of regen if you want ) : deals damage to target and up to 5 targets in 5yard range (short cool down but high mana cost use wisely )

13-Lightning Flash (also known as Firebolt " why its called firebolt" ???) : improved version of Lightning strike deals more damage and knock the target off balanced (increased chance while lightning link is still active )

14-Chomp : Rank3 , nice AoE skill for Pet , deals damage to target and 8 targets in 10 yard radius , cost 15 Pet energy and might place open wound on the target

15-Chain Lightning : Rank2 , the best AoE skill EVER , deals damage to targets in 10 yard radius , it says 5 targets but after testing for a while it do damage to LL targets in its radius
using better tears deals more damage

16-Rip Up :rank1 , not really for dps but good in some cases you need to cc someone ^^ , deals damage and stun the target for 0.5 every 0.5 secs for 3 secs , duration increases when using better dragon tears

Wolf's Blow Grid

1-Combo strikes : when fists are equipped wolf blow and clout do a combo of 4 strikes , clout cool down become 4 secs

2-Monk's way : increase damage dealt by fists by 9% for all skills

3-Tiger's strike " this skill was needed for searing pain effect but now take it for closing the dps gaps between other skills cool down , deals XXto Yy damage , cool down is 4 secs

3-Brutality : critical strikes deal more 14% damage ( melee )

4-Predatory Urge : increases Anger by 4 each rank , only take as a bridge to get next ruby

5-Energizing blow : Rank 1 for dps and Rank 2 if you want more heals , makes hawk strike do the effect of pain shock if the target has open wound effect , also heals you for XX if the target has open wound as well , keep spamming and healing baby :P

6-Primal inspiration : Rank3 , increases your and your pet Determination by 9 , which is good for pet to deal more damage

7-Enhanced reflexes : increase your chance to dodge by 5% each rank , take rank 1 from this tree and rank 2 from lightning strike grid

8-Bark shield : increases your armor /elemental resistance by 35% for 12 secs , reduces incoming healing by 50% , this affects healing balm and healing pots from what i tested back in 4.0.4 patch , not sure if it changed now ,take 2nd ruby for the element effect

9- Aura Of Ferocity : increase your melee damage and your pet's damage by 15% and decreases your armor by 30% ,

Lightning Strike Grid

1-Feral instincts : decreases the chance of reciveing critical strike by your pet and you by 10% , only rank2 to get next rubies

2- Lightning master : increase you Lightning damage by 9% in rank 3

3-Call for the power : increases your damage by 20% for 36 secs which is alot of time ,incoming healing is decreased by 40% (rank 2) cool down is 3mins

4-Force of nature: increases your and your pet's vigor by 9% rank3

مُشْرِف سَابِقْ في اللودز العَرَبِيّة

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Friday, May 2nd 2014, 1:29pm



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Maul Grid:

1-Severe Wounds: Rank2( should be enough ), a must have for all builds increases your damage from open wounds by 66% and duration of the effect by 100%

2-Bestial Synergy: Rank 3 , your pet gets a 25% chance to increase your luck by 12 for 20 seconds(Rank3 ).

3-Using(Ethernal Calm): Rank 3, a must have for all builds. Increases the pet's health and energy regeneration by 35/70/100% while in ethernal plane.(very useful when soloing Red and Blue rings so your pet come back to combat more quickly)

4-Dirty Paws: Rank 3, increases the damage of your pet by 9%

5-Innate Rage: Rank 2, increases your pet's critical damage by 14%

6-Thrill of the Hunt: Rank 2, increases the duration of Great Hunt by 40%. Another must have.

7-Shred: Rank 2 (My favorite !!) , commands your pet to attack the target and inflicts DMG but if the target is effected by the pain shock effect the DMG will be way more than normal Shred , poison damage

8-Acute pain :pain shock deals additional damage when the effect fades or Shred is used

9-Battle Training: Rank 2, decreases the cool down of pet's spells by 10% each rank., with Rank 2 its 20%

10-Hightened senses : increases your armor by 15% , so the effect of aura of ferocity wont be lethal as it is (30% less armor)

11-nature's grip : if you have more rubies take if not just pass it , slow down the enemies by 80% for 20 seconds.(can be prepared in advance)

5#Builds :
so as a conclusion we get to this build!5!333.2.3…VC!mideb/YNPEHL

that's what am using now , but still working on a pvp build :)

6#skill Rotation :

Before you start , use call for the power and great hunt ( call for the power if you know that you wont need much heals )

so lets get to the real deal , Single target rotation :
1st then so you can get open wound effect , if no do as follows :
then then then , this way you can do some dps while trying to get the target on open wound

ok now after you get open wound , we do like this :
this way you just do the basic combo , deal damage 1st with clout and tiger strike , hawk strike for pain shock then Shred , continue :
now while waiting for the cooldown on shred , use hawk strike to do another pain shock , which will fade doing damage and after it Shred should be ready for next combo:
now this is last combo, doing off-balance using the lightning link effect with Lightning strike , maul to refresh the damage over time from open wound . after this repeat from 1st combo

AoE rotation :
try to get targets near each other , by using maul , then use Chomp , Chain Lightning , Shaman's flame skill

which you can get by buying scroll of secrets from item shop if you are not an Orc

7#Racial skills :
Shaman's Flame (orcs) : makes a potions that cause damage to targets in a 10 yard radius , can stack up to 5 times , cool down is 2mins
secret of the animist (gibberlings ):heals target for an amount of hp , cool down is 2mins
Pet's Aid (kanians) : summon the pet from ghostly plane and increase his hp and energy by 30% even if the pet hasnt full recoverd yet

مُشْرِف سَابِقْ في اللودز العَرَبِيّة

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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 4:26am



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8#World Mystrey skills :
Natural balance : cool down 3mins , evenly distributes Hp between all party members , pets are included , life saving skill when used in the right time . Give a buff for 1.5min that the target affect by this buff cant share the hp if another Nb used .
Refreshing potion : brews a special potion that can increase you movement speed by 25% for 15 secs .

9# play Style :
while is role to do all the dps you can do , you shouldn't just spam everything , you can check the rotation above .although i do like spamming everything BUT times change and must follow the new way , more dps more performance . you might think its hard to use this rotation atm but after practice nothing is hard :)

10# reincarnation :
as for melee , you should go with :
1-paladin : for strike of justice : rush to target deals damage and knock down for 2 secs
cool down is 25secs Range is 30
2- warrior : for Charge ! : similar to strike of justice but make the target unable to move for 2 secs
cool down is 30 secs , Range is 30
3-Scout : for deadly speed : jump to target and deals damage , instant teleport ,
cool down :20 secs , Range is 20


this should have been at 1st of the list but i put it here for a reason :P
ok so to make pot (lethargy , balm etc) you must acquire materials from kingdom of nature , speak to warden trainer to know how to get there , when you get there you'll find quest to collect those ingredients to make pots :D

12#Last but not least :

if You haven't tried fists , you should give it a shot . Remember to always ask other wardens or veteran players , read builds and compare to acquire as much knowledge as you can .
keep practicing and you'll get better everyday . ok thanks for reading , see you guys on battle field

مُشْرِف سَابِقْ في اللودز العَرَبِيّة

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