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[PMB] Arszyn Caster/Pet Guide

I'm Arszyn Great Orc Shaman.
I'm on the side of Empire in guild Madness. I play this class a lot of time so I know it very well. I love Shaman for uniqueness and survive ability.

Shaman is a strong class which leveling is easy and fast. In all of this, help us Goblin. Thanks to him, playing don't feel alone.

With the experience I created my own build. Is great for PVE, PVP and as RAIDS. This is the build type Caster/Pet. My main role in party/raid is to do a huge damage and healing team if they need it. Very often we can save the whole team before his death and we help healer keep the group survive, this may prove to be a key moment in victory.

I invite you to the rest of my guide.

New changes

The only important changes for the shamans is:

“Superior Balance” now increases Tenacity by 5/10/15% instead of Agility. The reduction in the cooldown of “Bark Shield” remains unchanged.

“Enhanced Reflexes” gives the Shaman and his pet the ability to dodge attacks with a chance of 5/10/15%.

The ruby “Blade Turner” has been replaced by the ruby “Werewolf’s Thirst” which increases Bloodlust by 5/10/15%.

“Heightened Senses” increases armour by 5/10/15%.

“Primal Inspiration” increases Determination by 3/6/9%.

“Force of Nature” increases Vigor by 3/6/9%.

“Feral Instincts” reduces critical damage received by the Warden and his pet by 5/10/15%.

“Predatory Urge” increases Anger by 4/8/12%.

“Bestial Synergy” increases Luck by 4% for each stack of the effect.

and of course the New Stat System.

New changes have brought the same positives.
Thanks to this changles became a powerful shaman.


[PMB] Arszyn Caster/Pet Guide

With these statistics Shaman will be a powerful.
Mix four key stats: Proficiency + Vitality + Brutality + Bloodlust give us power and self healing while fight.

Willpower we get from food which you can buy.

Vigor: This stat is on all pieces of equipment. It determines your base damage. It is the same as Strength/Intelligence in the old system. You can’t put stats into this stat, they are only received from equipment and/or rubies. Your patron stat bonus is also fixed on this stat. This stat will be the same for all classes at the same level of equipment.

Stamina: This stat is also on all pieces of equipment, like Vigor. It determines your base health. It’s the same as Stamina in the
old system. You also cannot put stats into this stat, they all come from gear.

Proficiency: Increases your base damage by the % of the stat. At 20.60 Proficiency, it will increase your damage by 20.60%. Simple.

Vitality: Increases your health by x% where x is the amount of that stat. Another simple one. If you want more health points, increase this.

Bloodlust: Heals you for x% of your damage and y% of your heals. This is an interesting one as it gives classes who can’t normally heal the ability to heal themselves through dealing damage.

Brutality: This stat increases your damage as your target loses health. The multiplier is not so clear here, but it shows you clearly in the tooltip how much it will increase by.


[PMB] Arszyn Caster/Pet Guide


Wolf's Blow (Rank 3) - A vicious strike inflict damage

Lightning Strike/Flash Lightning (Rank 3) - Inflicts damage and gets a 50/60% chance to knock the target off-balance

Maul (Rank 3) - Pet speed up for 4 seconds and attacks the target inflicts damage

Boar's Blow (Rank 2) - Inflicts damage and knocks the target off-balance

Great Hunt (Rank 3) - Increases pet's damage by 40% and pet generates 30% more threat for 25 seconds

Renew (Rank 3) - Heals all group members for 16 seconds

Vortex (Rank 3) - Summon a vortex that inflicts damage to the target

Rip (Rank 3) - Pet attack the targe, dealing damage and silences the target for 5 seconds

Bee Swarm (Rank 1) - Summon a swarm of bees that inflict damage and disorient the target for 4 seconds

Storm (Rank 2) - Summon a storm that inflicts damage for 3 seconds

Natural Force III (Rank 3) - Restores 10 energy and 1,2% mana to all group members every 8 seconds

Aqua Morte (Rank 3) - Brews Deathly Potion that reduces target's incoming healing by 50% for 9 seconds

Chain Lightning (Rank 3) - Dealing damage to the target and all enemies within a 10 yeard radius

Rip up! (Rank 1) - Command your pet to attack the target. Pet inflicts damage 8 times in 4 seconds and stun for 0,5 second


[PMB] Arszyn Caster/Pet Guide

Now I show you how to spend Rubies. To do that we need 58 rubies.

5 rubies

Enhanced Reflexes (Rank 3) - Increases your and pet chance to avoid enemy attacks by 15%

Primial Inspiration (Rank 1) - Increases your Determination by 3%

Blade Turner (Rank 1) - Increases your chance to parry by 5% of your current chances to parry

Bark Shield (Rank 2) - Buff, thanks to which our spells can not be interrupted, and increases our armor and resistance to the elements by 35% for 12 seconds. But reduces self-healing and potions by 50%

25 rubies

Feral Instincts (Rank 3) - Increases your and your pet's Endurance by 9%

Static Electricity (Rank 3) - Increases your and your pet's Endurance by 9%

Lightning Master (Rank 3) - Increases your and your pet's Endurance by 9%

Call for the Power (Rank 1) - Increases damage by 10% for 36 seconds but redudes incomming healing by 70%

Channeled Lightning (Rank 3) - Reduces the cooldown duration of Storm and Tornado by 30% and reduces cast time and mana cost of Vortex and Bee Swarm by 30%

Tornado (Rank 2) - Summon a tornado for 5 seconds, making the target unable to move and or use skills, and inflicts damage

Force of Nature (Rank 3) - Increases your Vigor by 9%

Nature's Touch (Rank 3) - Renew spell instantly heal all group members

Electric Therapy (Rank 3) - Duration of Renew is increased by 60%

28 rubies

Call of the Wild (Rank 2) - Summon 3 pets that deal damage per hit for 52 seconds

Severe Wounds (Rank 3) - Increases your and your pet's Endurance by 9%

Bestial Synergy (Rank 3) - Increases your and your pet's Endurance by 9%

Heightened Senses (Rank 1) - Decrease damage your pet receives from aera of effect attacks by 20%
Battle Training (Rank 3) - Decrease cooldowns of all pet's skills by 30%

Dirty Paws (Rank 3) - Summon a tornado for 5 seconds, making the target unable to
move and or use skills, and inflicts damage

Thrill of the Hunt (Rank 2) - Increases the duration of the Great Hunt by 40%

Innate Rage (Rank 2) - Increases pet's additional critical strike damage by 14%

Shred (Rank 2) - Pet attack the target inflicts damage

Acute Pain (Rank 3) - Deal damage when effect fades or when abilities "Rip!" is used

Using (Rank 3) - Pet regeneration rates increased by 100% while in a ghostly form


[PMB] Arszyn Caster/Pet Guide

Combo in 4 steps
I present to you how fight to quickly and effectively kill the enemies and mobs. It's simple start from Step 1

orStep 1:
Using skills Lightning Strike/Flash Lightning or Boar's Blow you begin our Combo, creating on the target off-balance efect.

Step 2:
Using a Maul on the target, which off-balance efect you create open wounds that inflicts damage over time every 2 seconds.

Step 3:
Using the skills Vortex you add to the Open wounds further Shock pain which is most important in the Combo.

Step 4:
Using commands Shred you inflicts the very big damage to the target, who was under efect of a shock pain. In this way we finish Combo if the target was killed if not, Start Combo again

Using a Deathly Potion you weaken the target healing which will speed up his death.

Using a Shaman's Flame in fight you will inflicts a huge damage.

Of course, during the fight, you can also use the skills Great Hunt to increase the attack power of our Goblin during the Mega Combo.

In addition, you can always use command Rip up! that stuns the enemy later Call of the Wild, summons three small goblins which attack the target and Tornado to once again stun the target and at the end Chaini Lightning to again damage the target.


Reincarnations useful for shamans:

Shield of Light - Buff, which absorbs some damage over 6 seconds.

Fear - scare the enemy, who flees from us for 6 seconds.

Stone Barrier - Buff that reduces physical damage taken.

Created build by me is very good. Monsters die faster yhan they running and throughtful opponents certainly will not dare to engage us.

I hope that build will be presented to you well served and will help you quickly lvl up.

Good luck and see you in game!


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