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Friday, May 2nd 2014, 10:04am

incentive for investing in reincarnations ( buy more reincarnations jar for improve the account )

add the ability to improve main/reincarnations by leveling the reincarnations on the some character to get certain passive abilities. This feature was maded on other game but only in whole account here is maded on reincarnations so we wont copy and its nice people leveling reinc. For example if you get total on lvls betwem reinc and progenitors by 300 ( 5 charactars at lvl 60 ) you can learn a skill to get more life or so and you can add plenty of skills by doing that and also limited 2 skills+1 ( paid skill slot ). for the account. i think this feature will bring new ways to play and also you can earn profit on that


Friday, May 2nd 2014, 4:36pm

The one skill you get from a reincarnation is enough to change the playstyle of a character. They made pretty much all classes to give a valuable skill. I can't begin to explain you how much different it is to play a mage with warrior's charge. Most people would level up at least 2 reincs to max, to get a specific skill for each of their builds.
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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 8:15pm

i dont think you get my point so i tell you get certain diferent skills (generic skills like conclave from boutique for example but could be inserted in those skill slot anyway your point of view is aceptable but not the way i want this topic) im Verdokas from Empire if you want ask me question in any case thank you


Monday, May 5th 2014, 4:14pm

this is a great idea

i would love to get profit from EVERY max-leveled reinc

maybe a stat-bonus, maybe some other talents, whatever


Monday, May 5th 2014, 4:33pm



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yeah really do this this game needs more P2W

in all seriousness
as biromir said, isn't the reincarnation skill enough yet?


Monday, May 5th 2014, 5:49pm

how is PLAYING a reincarnation pay to win?

i think you missunderstand the terms PLAYING and PAYING

you cant BUY a level 60 reinc, you can only play for it
the only thing you can buy is the slot for the reinc, but you can also PLAY for it, like i did (and every other player i know)
gold exchange is there for a reason, since allods is a decent game

it would be pay to win if there would be NO goldexchange, but there is one, so
allods is PLAY TO WIN like every normal game

you still can call it PAY TO BOOST if you like since its faster, but in the end its even... reaching level 60 in 2 weeks or 3 is not a big difference if you play for many years, its nothing

(but of course one of the casual player QQ ppl that think you must have everything in 1 week had to come here)

and no, 1 reinc skillis NOT enough, i think there should be 1 skill for every reinc and maybe a z-shop item that unlocks even the 2nd skill

still, allods would need more space for skills then x)

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Sunday, May 11th 2014, 11:24pm

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