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Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 4:44am

Well, if they're done with the maintenance and you still haven't been able to transfer your account/log in, you should send a ticket so they can look into it (assuming that nothing actually happened to your account).


Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 5:14am

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after you click the transfer button and are on the page, it says log in and next to it is register.
You have to register....with the name and password you've been using and then you are transferred.
That's what it did for me.unless your account is gone, then you have to register and will have be starting over fresh


Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 12:25pm



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Transfer option is meant to be open for quiet sometime even after patch isn't it?


I didn’t log into the game before the transfer happened and I missed the in-game transfer tool, can I still transfer?

Yes, you can. A webpage will provide the same opportunity and will be available after March 18th and for a longer period of time. Past that time, you will still be able to contact support for help.


Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 12:27pm

Well i found my email addy that has the payment i did in 2012 and username that used it so it's correct account so it must got deleted or wiped for some reason ?
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