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Friday, July 4th 2014, 10:05pm

My Friend having Launcher Issues

A friend of mine has this trouble where she downloads the launcher installs and then gives the error

"Error installing Allods Online EN. An error occurred during the installation of the game client. Installation package files may be damaged.
Do you want to perform check on on installaion package files?"

A Whenever she presses ok it brings the Error back up once again.

I've tried telling her to uninstall anything related to Gpotato, Webzen, and Allods then restart her comp.

Once again nothing works. We are already returning to allods once again to give it another try but seems we cannot because of that...

If anyone has a way or any hints that we can try to fix it please share it in replying.

Thank you.
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Friday, July 4th 2014, 11:28pm


Is it your friend? :…d&threadID=3709

Have you tried to download the game again ?

Is it a wireless internet connexion (wifi) or a cable one (ethernet) ?

You can copy paste your client to her computer if you're living close to each other :/.

Another solution is to submit a ticket to Customer Support, with informations such as the operating system, if she is administrator on her computer, informations about her internet connexion, or anything you find usefull, and screenshots, to recieve some help.
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Saturday, July 5th 2014, 8:28am

I get a message when i click "Install" after the download on saying Error updating of Allods Online En. Failed to create or overwrite game client files. They may be open or blocked by another program, or the game client is running. Thing is nothign else is open cept on my entire laptop because i just retsarted it and only opened to try it again. i dont understand i havent touched anything with my allods stuff since before this update and its been like 3 months... i havent played with anything so its do with your update because allods has not been touched and iv never had this problem.

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