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Sunday, July 20th 2014, 11:17pm



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Confuzed about second shots

What do you guys use them for? All the guides here seem to point out they are used for the extra cooling/heating. But I haven't seen a rotation with both astral and lightning.
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Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 12:36am

they atm have only a VERY small usage regarding either burstdmg or range...

i do NOT recommend them for normal playing


Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 2:22am

i use lightning shot (second shot) and acid shot in my normal rotation, i disagree with the assessment they should rarely be used, but i guess its a personal preference.


Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 4:02am


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Procs from Polarity work with all the shots, so you can spam Fire/Acid until you get a Polarity proc and then use(the corresponding) larger shot to feed off the Polarity proc for bigger burst. Basically, use Fire/Acid mainly but Lightning/Astral only Polarity procs(especially Astral Shot if you took the Rubies in the middle tree that increase your Astral damage) as this should, in theory give you the best Dps for your energy.

Also, there may be times when you need to heat/cool your device so you may want to chain Fire/Lightning or Acid/Astral to manipulate the temperature up or down (assuming the large shots don't go on cool down when you use their smaller counterparts? citation needed for this last part) I'm hoping that's the way it works though. ***Edit*** shots all have 2s second cool down, independent from one another, so it is possible to do what I mentioned in the above paragraph. Also, Lighting and Astral Shot are VERY useful, although they shouldn't be mindlessly spammed with no regard since they do require more energy to use.I have no idea why any Engineer would ever skip these talents as whenever Polarity procs you can get HUGE amounts of burst by following up with one of the larger two shots..***Edit***

Note* Anybody else saw the 5.0.2 patch notes for Eng?! Stuns! Heals! Survivability! Woot woot!

Now' I'm even more happy I chose Eng as my first toon!

P.s. Hey Bunz!

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