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Smugglers Paradise Game Client Crash


Friday, August 15th 2014, 10:09am

Game Client Crash


Since I'm playing Allods Online again, I'm getting a lot of Game Client Crashes.. this takes place like 3-6 times a day.
I'm wondering now if it's my computer that makes this problem or the game itself.

This is working on my nerves.. Please fix this as fast as possible because it's getting really annoying.

Kind regards,



Friday, August 15th 2014, 11:02am

Hi there

Could you be more specific please, what stage were you at when the game crashes?
do you get any error messages?
is it in a similar type of area each time?

Right now we are at the "phoning the doctor and saying your foot hurts" stage, we (or atleast the more technical people here) need some further information to help diagnose the problem, see if its something we can help on our own, or if it needs to be referred to a specialist (referring you to the support team).

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