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Monday, August 18th 2014, 12:43am



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Lag and wrong localisation/wellebelle ogres

So after last patch the lag is horrible, main square novo=lag square, when you press H to see calendar is bam dead 5-10 sec till it loads, and lag is everywhere, more than previous week.

Also, summoner rubies went back to localisation that was good before 5.0, so half of rubies are messed up, didn't check other classes due to lazyness, but i suppose it's not the only class.

In wellebell at ogres you get thrown up then smashed into death, can't even use shield/ghostly cover successfully, you die anyway, very annoying when you're the healer...

Also for the love of god make the ogre chieftan Mince spawn more often than 30 mins, lots of ppl need it and it's a war to get 1st hit on it and waiting half an hour is not fun at all.
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Monday, August 18th 2014, 8:16am



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I had a quick log in yesterday and there are Healer rubies that are still wrong since 5.0 too. Seriously, we don't even have Endurance anymore... It's been wrong since March! >.<

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