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Thursday, September 11th 2014, 6:28am

Work Work Work

Hey guys, haven't been here in a while. I've pretty much quit Allods a while back. I keep coming back to say hi and try to get back into the game, but it's just so different from when I started. It just keeps pushing me back out. I really want to come back, I miss my friends.

When I say "different," I don't mean I'm afraid of difference. I love many of the new things in this game, but there's too many things changed for the worst. Most notably is the sheer amount of work needed to progress now.

When I started, the Gipat patch had just hit the same week. It took me a few months to get to end game (first mmo/ full healer/ lazy). When I reached end game and was able to do heroics, it was just wonderful. I had so much fun every day. The instances were hard, but not to the point of being boring. I loved it back then. When the lv 47 patch hit, the game started going downhill with this refining nonsense. At first it wasn't too bad. If you were lucky you could get an auto-upgrade, and every upgrade filled the gauge a decent amount.
I'm going to stop myself now before I make this way longer and off-topic.

Basically, everything you do now requires work, alot of work. Players have to put so much work into earning stuff, only to turn around and have to work to even use what they worked so hard to earn in the first place. I can't stand upgrading gear (the way it is now and still). I wish so bad there was an alternative. It just ruins the game for me.

That's not all either, astral is boring too. The drops are very generic, there are very very few allods used at endgame so you end up doing the same ones over and over, the choice between having to sail or pay gold to tp is ridiculous.

If I could sum up the game in it's current state in one word, "tedious." I think the developers wanted players to have something to work for while they developed the next patch, but forgot to make it fun. That's what this game feels like now, work. If I want to work, I go to my job. At least then I'm earning money. (P.S. I'm not a fan of pvp, especially such unbalanced pvp)

This post is a mess and I don't feel like proof-reading since it's late. I'm sure I missed lots of points since I had to stop myself to avoid long-winded rants, and I apologize. I just really miss the good days back when I used to be active. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm actually getting a little sad. I miss my friends, I miss having something to do, I miss my virtual avatar(s), I miss the (albeit through the internet) social interactions. I miss this game. I really want to come back, but Allods keeps pushing me away.


Here's hoping a patch comes eventually that pulls me back.


Thursday, September 11th 2014, 12:33pm



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Hai, Obe. Trust me when I say your story isn't unique. It IS a bit easier now, and even easier yet if you can get carried to later zones of Wild Shores to pick up higher quality upgraders than you need. But yeah, there's a whooooole lotta grindin' these days.
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Friday, September 12th 2014, 2:09am

you can get the things needed for gear all at wild shore, no need for mercenaries & ship & astral, you can skip all of that if you dont like it

get refractors in wils shore, right click, go to mercenary captain at astralacademy and exchange (you need the amount of loot you want to exchange in your bag)
its a bit tricky if you do it 1st time but its a GREAT mechanic since you can gear solo now, but still if you are in a group you can progress faster in wild shore, so there is something for every type of player :)

actually gearing was never easier
glyphs are thrown at you btw, just accept the quest of the glyph npc in wild shore and you will get some automatically while killing the mobs for gear

the gold and amalgam you need for upgrade is available from the BGs in HUGE amounts, but if you dont like BG visit TKA RIK cave, its great for additional amalgam now (buy from merchant in cave when summoned)


Friday, September 12th 2014, 6:43am

Oh that reminds me of why i left this game as well.Like 10 months ago this game was tons of fun for me when exchange was 20-35 back then and would rarely get up to 40 but like 3-4 months later Gpotato started to mess with the NA exchange because of a TR exploit and exchange went up to 100+ O_O so I really really rarely used exchange in these harsh times and had better hopes that the merge would get back to the fair exchange rates but when i got back it was like 40 and kept getting higher up to 50,60,70 and probably sometimes 80 so even at 40-50 exchange it was double exchange..The gold rates are higher? lol howcome?it looks higher but not really,back then before the level 60 patch I could do AR solo with several characters who sometimes had 5th gen ship which could be bought from NPC and back then AR would give gold and not some ship parts so if I did the 2 TRs every 6-7 hours I could get 500 gold each time and it was far more fun than farming amalgam quests and I could go more often to TRs with friends since it was easier to do it..Even after the level 60 patch I figured out a good area in plaggot ruins which gave nice loot in case I got bored of amalgam quests but later I knew they made Umoir mobs drop far less drops..I haven't tried the new KOE though.Amalgam was like the best way to make gold before I quit and it kept getting cheaper and cheaper because many players were selling.Upgrading gear is far expensive compared to before lvl60 patch and astrals are far more annoying..Back then doing beginner astrals was completely fine and mercs were free so you didn't have to wait for groups for long etc and get neglected because you're backwards in gearing and so on so even gearing was getting worse.Astral greens and even blues have less stats than crafted and upgrading to full astral blues would take you tons of gold which I can guess is like 2x the amount of gold of crafting epics so let alone upgrading to astral epics..In PVP event if you have low velhuru and need gold through pvp to gear up even if you have skills in pvp,some snobs would still rage at you because of having lower gear spoiling your fun..Some simply don't understand skills and builds in pvp,they only understand velhuru and gear and runes etc.I tried to farm my pat 5 through doing much amalgam quests but later I found out the game has lost its taste and is no longer fun,I'm simply playing to win in a game and not for fun while the main purpose for playing a game I'd know is "Fun" or win if you're gonna win real cash and not game cash..Else I think playing would be a waste of time if its not for fun or for gaining some real life cash which can be considered a financial gain method so both would be useful but for winning in game cash and no fun?lol what's the meaning of the game then?so I just questioned myself and game is simply no longer fun for me if I'm just gonna farm gear(which is like a must in order to play the game more smoothly nowadays and feel the fun),you'd need at least level 7 or 8 runes with upgraded astral gear say astral epics atm might be fine so you'd at least PVP smoothly and be included in parties more often without people raging at you for low velhuru etc..That needs much time and I'd add much not "fun" time because doing amalgam quest or just killing mobs around for an hour or 2 or 3 might feel fun but more,you'll start to feel very bored unless you just like killing mobs forever of course and doing your first 3-5 pvp skirmishes might feel fun at first but later specially if you have lower gears,it will feel quite lame because of ragers raging at your gear score or because of you getting owned a lot by paying players or if your team is losing alot because of lack of team work or tactics.In my opinion,Allods was much more fun like 10 months ago before the level 60 patch for me at least..Tiger mobs in irdrich used to drop nice drops and AR was pretty easy to do even solo if you have even a 5th gen ship and gave gold..TRs were easier as well.It only missed greater numbers of people and bigger community that we got after merge but you get the good and you get the bad as well so as much as we got good people added to the community after merge,we got bad people as well like ragers,agressive people,snobs,trolls and even there is a living example of hypocrites on the forums haha so yea I understand how you feel and that's not weird,I didn't hate the difference,the reset was annoying specially for ship but still that wasn't what made game less fun,What made game less fun is that they simply made it even more grindy and made like very single little adventure you did harder yet easier with cash even leveling is harder now so I can't even have fun leveling reincarnation as much as before. :(
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