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Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 1:35pm



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Opinion on the current state of the ruby system for FHs

Disclaimer: This referres to fullheal and fullheal only, in particular for PvE, but not exclusively.

I currently have a very bad feeling whenever I spec a fullhealspec and I want to share my thoughts about that. Here is my issue:
When Patch 5.0 happened a major change occured to the healer, especially to the 2 DPS-Specs but in the process the changes also affected the FH-Spec. In total got 8 possible ruby-slots removed (1 empty ruby on the way to Entraty; 1 empty ruby on the way to Hold in Contempt, 3 rubys in Ray of hope (which isn't recogniceable in the game itself, but got mentioned in the patchnotes) and 3 (+1) rubys in Veracity). I'm am talking about POSSIBLE ruby slots, which actuly have a benefit for a FH.

With those rubies removed the developers limited the possible choices. In fact they limited the coices to a point, where it is possible to reach ALL rubies with a benefit for FHs (All Cashshoprubies requiered + the potential ruby from eclipse, which I don't know if it exists, but my point is still valid if it doesn't, so calm down^^).

So long story short: There is one - and ONLY one - ideal spec for FHs.

Every ruby you change, will not only change your playstyle (how it should be), but make you effectively worse in comparison to a FH wich has not made this alteration. And I personaly think this is very, very bad. There always was a statisicly, mathematically calculateable "best" spec, yeah, but you still were not "forced" to spec that way. If you preferred more HP over more stunn immunity, you could do that. Because there was a option to do so. Now there is one way to go and if you don't go that way you are wrong (and not like wrong in "I think this and that could be better in a different way", it's more like "If you don't spec that way, you have an disatvantage in every way" (always referring to FH only, don't forget...).

If we look at the big bad MMORPG with 3 lletters, we can see a major change in their talent system. Away from that there is a mathematicly best spec to that there are choices to be made, which actually change your playstyle, but are not "worse". I don't say that Allods needs that. But I am saying, that we need at least to be able to make choices, even if they might be slightly worse.

So, what is your opinion on this guys? Let me know, I am very curios about this topic.
Also I am sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, I am not a native speaker, but I tried my best <3

See ya,


Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 2:04pm

Problem as it is now are the aspects, they just dont allow to make a hybrid. Hybrids would mix the class up and make them more interesting. :D

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