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[PMB] Ezell's warrior Guide (PvP talents & rubies)

You can simple CLICK on the pictures for High Definition and to make them BIGGER.

Check my presentation also on weebly :
Feel free to Contact me via:
-E-mail : [email protected]
-inGame mail/whisper

[PMB] Ezell's warrior Guide (PvE talents & rubies)

Credits for few definitions :[Allods Wiki] like (example.definition of patronage).

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[PMB] Ezell's warrior Guide (PvP talents & rubies)

Greettings kind Reader,for a start let me introduce myself.My name is Ezell and I have been a Kanian warrior since 2010.I am proud member of guild Astral Riders.My favourite role is damage dealer ( PvE )
which allows me to deal huge amount of damage in short period of time and gives my party all kinds of gains,all kinds...


There is few changes in update "Heart of the World" (5.0.0),Following changes have been made:

-Agile Maneuvers increases Vitality by 5/10/15.
-Daredevil increases Determination by 3/6/9.
-Lethal Blows increase Proficiency by 3/6/9.
-Rampaging Menace increases Vigor by 3/6/9.%
-Rubies Master of Defense have increased to 3 ranks and now increases block chance by 5/10/15%
-Slaughter increases the critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.
-Rubies Fencing Master increased to 3 ranks. Warrior is able to parry attacks from one handed weapons with a chance of 5/10/15%.
-Ruthlessness increases Anger by 4/8/12.
-Lucky increases the critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.
-Musclehead increases the critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.
-Ruby Black Belt has been removed.
-The effect Stony Resilience will reset if the Warrior receives no damage for 10 seconds.
The damage dealt by the Warriors skills Whirlwind and Vicious Spin doesnt depend on the
damage of the equipped weapon,but on the damage per second of these weapons.
-Fixed a bug that didnt properly take into account equipment when calculating the damage absorbed by Hexed.

Warriors use energy to bring special attacks and fill "combat advantage" from those attacks to deal more powerful skills. If you don't use Combat advantage for certain period you will loose it,same as exiting from combat.Skills that needs Combat Advantage are:Fatal Blow(50ca),Agonizing Strike(50ca),Whirwind(65ca),Vicious Spin(65ca),Jagged slice(40ca).
Stony Resilience-Absorbs 35% (20%+ rubies 15%) of warrior's Health Points.If warrior doesn't take any damage in period of10 sec,stony resilience will reset.
Health/Stamina-prevents you from dieing and can be boosted by many factors.(Seal of Health(30%),Elixirs,Potions...)
Energy-allows you to use certain skills which leads to Combat Advantage gains.(Seal of Health boost your overall energy for 30%)
Determination Bar-(there is definition on the section "Attributes/Stats" later in the guide.


  • Flawless Strike (Rank 3)
  • Lunge (Rank 3)
  • Fatal blow (Rank 3)
  • Arcing blow (Rank 3)-important
to deal maximum single target damage.
  • Charge (Rank 3)
  • Forceful kick (Rank2)
  • Hack (Rank 1)-important
  • Knee shot - from rubies
  • Headbutt (Rank 2)
  • Bash (Rank 2)-from rubies,also important to have.
to have maximum control on your target.
  • Aura of Ferocity (Rank 3)
  • Adrenaline Buzz (Rank 3)
  • Reasoned Aggression (Rank 2)
  • Heroic Might ( Rank 1 )
to help you regenerate energy , combat advantage.Bonus 15% damage boost(AoF) .
Heroic Might-Warrior receives 3 stacks of this effect:
-You can use Flawless strike to deal additional damage for 3 seconds and deal deep wounds.
-You can use Hack to immoblize your target for certain period of time.
-You can also use Forceful Kick to kick back your target for 10 yards.

*NOTICE that REASONED AGGRESSION and Heroic Might spends 3 Dragon Tears per use.

Devastating Blow Grid :mainly rubies in this grid are Anti-CC effects and few crit/dmg boosters.So let's check them out.

Useful Effects :
  1. Determination +9.(Bonus stats are always welcome,and Determination is a PvP stat).
  2. 15% Critical chance to Whirlwind, Fatal blow.
  3. reduces the fear effect for 25% and grants you with - 3 sec on Charge while you are under this effect. (Noone likes long fears especially when you are in important PvP actions).
  4. + 24% damage while target is knocked down.(This is a must)
  5. no minus armor from Aura of Ferocity.
  6. Vitallity +10.
  7. Anger + 8.(If you want to make higher wounds to Healers take it,if you don't ,don't).
  8. +15% damage to Crushing blow,Bash and Arcing blow.
  9. reduces the blinding and disorienting effects for 25% ,also - 3 sec on Charge while under this effects.

Charge grid : Desire of Life and Pebble wall are important in PvP.It helps you survive longer.

Useful Effects :
  1. 35% Stony Resilience, +15% healing receive.
  2. -40% cooldown to Die Hard.
  3. Single shot that inflicts XX damage and slows your target for 50% for 10 sec.
  4. Proficiency +9.
  5. - 10 sec cooldown on Charge for every enemy killed.

Agonizing Strike grid :
This grid is most important grid of all grids.It consumes most of the rubies and gives us all kinds of gains.
Useful Effects :
  1. Crushing Blow Rank 1.
  2. +10% speed each time you hit.(Try to combine it with Tricky moves (Gibberling Racial) -you will literally fly).
  3. +15% damage to Whirlwind, Fatal blow, Flawless Strike, Lunge, Double Blow.
  4. reduces the Knockdowns and stunning effects for 25% ,also - 3 sec on Charge while under this effects.
  5. reduces slowdown effects for 25% ,also - 3 sec on Charge while under this effects.
  6. Vigor +9%.
  7. Lunge energy cost -45%.
  8. +4% global damage, +3y range to melee attacks.
  9. Bash-meele attack that deals XX damage knocks the target down and stuns it for 5 seconds.(the must)
  10. +15% critical chance to Flawless Strike,Lunge,Knee shot,Hack,Headbutt,Charge & Arcing Blow.

"Talent is cheaper than table salt.What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."-Stephen King


Common questions in Allods Online are: Which weapon is best weapon?What weapon i should use for PvP/PvE?

Let's make it clear once and for all.There is no such a thing as Best weapon either for PvP/PvE,Weapons should fit your playstyle,sometimes it can make a little difference in single/aoe dps.
But every weapon has it's Advantages and Disadvantages.So Check this Out.

Type of Weapon: two handed Spear
Speed: 3.3 sec
Description :Deals lowest average damage but fastest speed.Due to it is unstable, you can hit very low or high, but average damage is same anyway.

Type of Weapon: two handed Sword
Speed: 3.1 sec
Orientation: pvP/pve
Description: A sword deals very stable damage,balanced and fast weapon aswell
Final word: Clean Soft Balance
I personally use Sword.

Type of Weapon: two handed Axe
Speed:2.9 sec
DEscription:An axe is like a spear that deals unstable damage, but slower.
You can make highest hit with an axe due to it unstable.
Final word: LUCKY Kaboom

Type of Weapon:Two handed Mace
Speed: 2.8 sec
Orientation:pvp/ Pve
Description: The slowest of all weapons, it deals maximum average single hit damage,Also it is stable weapon.
Final word: Timed BOMB

"I don't care if i fall as long as someone
pick up my Sword and keeps swinging with it ."- Ezell

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Champion :"Our nation is made up of provinces with equal rights.We love nature,especially its beauty and colour,but we have to protect it.Good,Truth and Order.Our secret weapon is Terryfing shout ."
  • Casts fear upon 5 enemies within a 10 yard radius for 4 seconds.
  • Rank: 1
  • Cast time: instant
  • Cooldown: 3m.

Brawler :"If You judge our appearance,we are not the most suited creatures to be warriors,but our weakness is successfully compensated by our agility and unusual vitality.So our secret weapon is Tricky moves ."
  • Increases our Stamina and movement speed by 25% for 20 seconds.
  • Rank: 1
  • Cast time: instant
  • Cooldown: 2m.

Brute :"In practice we Orcs warriors fight in a well organized and coordinated manner,with our friends side by side,under the flag or totem of our tribe.We are strong,skillfull and furious.Our secret weapon is Deafening Shout ."
  • Knocks down up to 5 enemies within 10 yards radius.
  • Rank: 1
  • Cast time: instant
  • Cooldown: 1m 30s.

Vanquisher :"Despite the fact that majority of the Imperial warriors are Orcs,We treat our proficient Vanquishers with arms and respect,but not in our rage and strength.We captured the southern part of Kania.Our secret weapon is Harrassing Yell ."
  • Reduces movement speed and Determination of 5 enemies in 15 yard radius by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Rank: 1
  • Cast time: instant
  • Cooldown: 3m.

Patch "Heart of the World" brought a total redesign in game mechanics of Attributes/Stats.
So check them out.


Description : Basic multiplier fordamage(physical/spellcast). It is common to all classes and works with any type of equipment. Attribute Orientation:PvE/PvP

Description: Incrases characters Health Points.Attribute Orientation:PvE/PvP


Description:Adds % to damage and healing. The first choice to empower a character.
Attribute Orientation:Pve/PvP

Description:Stacks to add % to damage in combat every time a character takes damage. This effect works as long as the character receives damage.Dispels after a few seconds.Attribute Orientation:PvP/if you tank (PvE)

Description: Gradually increases damage/healing in combat depending on the HP of the target. The lower the HP is, the higher damage/healing the character will deal.
Attibute Orientation:PvE

Description: Gradually reduces target's healing in combat. A counter of wounds builds up every time the character receives damage (stacks from different attackers).Now healing depending on the Anger and Tenacity of the participants.
Attribute Orientation:PvP


Description: Gives a chance to deal 100% more damage or healing.
Attribute Orientation: PvE/PvP


Description :Adds % to HP. Serves to protect against a series of weak strikes or a few mighty blows in a short time.Attribute Orientation : More PvE attribute then PvP (you need some aswell)

Description: Adds % to healing. Works in the opposite manner to ANGER. Prevents stacking of wound counter.
It helps to be able to take more damage from enemies with higher ANGER without any healing difficulties.
Attribute Orientation:PvE/PvP

Description:A character restores their HP by dealing damage to enemies.Attribute Orientation:PvP

Description: Grants resistance to control effects. Gives temporary immunity to control effects if they are applied too often.For example, a character who spends 10 seconds under a control effect (during combat) will get control immunity for another 10 seconds.
Attribute Orientation:PvP

Most Useful Reincarnation skills for warrior

When your reincarnation reach lvl 60 you will be allowed to choose certain sharing skill.
Here is the List of very useful reincarnation skills:

Strike of Justice
Description :Charges you to your target and knock the target down.Very useful in PvP.

Deadly Rush
Description :Instantly flashes you behind your target and deals a certain damage.Very useful in PvP.

Telekinetic Pull
Description: Gathers enemies from a 10 yard range, knock them down with a 30% chance to stun.Very useful in PvE (also in PvP).

Natural Balance
Description :Equally your party members health points.Very Useful in PvE (especially in deeper layers of astral).Can help in PvP aswell.

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About PvE/PvP Relics and their Changes in 5.0.0.
Like Attributes, Draconic Relics was also changed. There is a new range of level 60 relics, one set for PvE, and the other forPvP. PvE relics can be obtained from raids, level 55 from Tep’s Pyramid and level 60 from Eclipse. PvP relics can be obtained from Battlegroundssuch as Witch Holow,Deserted Farm,Dominion & Arena of Death.Draconic Weapons/wands and off-hands are not avaible in battlegrounds.
Level 45 relics are no longer be available from Battlegrounds. Instead they are replaced with an new of level 60 relics which boost the attribute Anger (old Rage) when you use certain skills.
All relics from Tep’s Pyramid give Luck instead of Intelligence/Strength when you use the specified skill. They also giveStamina. Relics fromTep and Eclipse give Luck and battleground relics give Anger.

Weapon, Ranged weapon and Off-hand
Weapon is most important draconic relic for warrior, off-hand boosts your Stamina, get those 2 first. Ranged weapon is useless,take it for Vigor and Stamina.
Notice that Dragon Valor(Bash,Hack) and Dragon Hate(Forceful Kick) are useless,so take them just because of Stamina boost.

Dragon Power:Universal aspect. This is from draconic Shoulders, Chest, Boots and Neck. This is most useful aspect.
It Boosts following skills:
-Agonizing Strike
-Vicious Spin
-Flawless Strike
-Devastating Blow
-Fatal Blow
-Universal aspect

Dragon Nobility: Universal aspect
This is from Wrists and 2 rings.
It Boosts following skill:Crushing Blow

Dragon Cunning: PvP aspect
This is from Cloak, Earrings, and 2nd Earrings Same as Dragon Courage. Notice that Cunning and Courage uses same slots.
It Boosts following skills:
-Arcing Blow

Dragon Courage: PvE aspect
This is from Cloak, Earrings, and 2nd Earrings.
It Boosts following skills:
-Rapid Slash
-Double Blow
-Jagged Slice

Patronage System & RUNES

Patronage is an ability that players can receive as soon as they reach Level 4, and which becomes critically important from level 20 to end-game.You can Use Incense to activate your Blessing (24 h) or complete a quest in nearest Church and take the its Bless (4h).The fifth level of patronage requires 10,000 Holy Symbols that are received by the Item Shop's Holy Boxes. Each Holy Box gives you 10-50 Symbols (in increments of 10).Or 100 holy Symbols equal to 2 hours of Fifth level of patronage.

In order to use these specific patron skills you need to have your patron activated.

Martyr's Salvation:Restores all of your health and mana, removes all Mental Overload effects and restores 10 Canons of Light. Martyr's Salvation takes 15 seconds out of combat and 30 seconds in combat.
Cast time: 15 sec
Cooldown: 30 sec.
You can use this patron skill without activated Patron.

Martyr's Gift:Restores 20% health.
Cast time:Istant
Cooldown:1 min 30 sec

Martyr's Guidance:Restores 20% of your total mana or 40 Energy.
Cast time:Istant
Cooldown:1min 30 sec

Martyr's Protection:Cancels all control effects and movement impairing effects.
Cast time:Istant
Cooldown: 2 min

*Notice that these specific skills can be boosted with Greater Scrolls of Martyr's that means:Less Cooldown,more amount of restoration and it will generate small amount of Mirra to each party member.

Mirra: Instead of costing hit points or mana these skills will be activated by using drops of Mirra, which can be got from the Keepers of the Light for gold.


Runes are magical stones that increase the damage, healing or damage reduction of their wearer. Their effects increase with higher rune levels.
Runes are based on the lore surrounding the Twelve Great Martyrs, and are tied to the Patronage system.
For this lesson you will need to purchase the Rune welder from a Rune vendor to combine two runes using Gold Dust and Crystal Chips.

Mirra: Instead of costing hit points or mana these skills will be activated by using drops of Mirra, which can be got from the Keepers of the Light for gold.

Higher runes give you much more potential to do everything, but it won't make you become invincible.

There are Twelve Symbols of Martyr's,every symbol got his story,find them by your own!


We came to the End my fellow Reader.Warrior is the right choice if you want "Face to Face" battles,fast and dynamic combat,Control of certain enemies . Thank you for Reading and may the force be with you as long as you carry your weapon and looking straight up with no fear...

Feel free to Contact me via:
-E-mail : [email protected]
-inGame mail/whisper

Credits for few definitions :[Allods Wiki] like (example.definition of patronage).

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plaese can you post your skill rotation

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