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Friday, November 21st 2014, 9:07pm



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History of AO


Again, I have a bit of questions. Today, it's about history of AO ;)

I have knew AO from about.... 2010 year? 2009? Something like this, at least when Empire had different starting location /9which I never completed because I didn't knew how to XD). Hoverer, I don't remember almost anything other :(

But that's not the topic, this is the topic: )^^)
1. What was "pre-Gipat"? I know it means era before some patch. but what was added here that's it's used as timemark/timestamp?
2. How game looked at very beginning? (when it had fatigue, if I remember)
I just wanna know. ;c


Friday, November 21st 2014, 11:21pm



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1. The gipat patch were the reason for rllly a LOT OF PPL to leave...
2. Idk what u mean just can say that i remember their were less stupid Grinding during leveling


Friday, November 21st 2014, 11:24pm



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Quoted from "Firehusary"

What was "pre-Gipat"?
PRE-Gipat means before Gipat-patch.

There was a patch around july 2010, with which Gipat was added as quest area.

Quoted from "Gramarye"

1. The gipat patch were the reason for rllly a LOT OF PPL to leave...
Yes, this is true.

Quoted from "Firehusary"

How game looked at very beginning?…ta&spfreload=10
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