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Friday, November 28th 2014, 3:21pm

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I have a question for Imperial side, its abroad question any Imp can answer. This game is supposed to be about achieving things, ie (gear, gold, runes, glyphs etc). What makes a game fun to me is the struggle to achieve something. The harder it is to get something the more worthwhile it is to get. For league this is not a problem. But I wonder, how is this struggle for Imps? It seems to me you win +75% of the Skirmishes, collect most amal from MI, win mostly in any PVP scenario, and get all the best gear from Raid Dungeons. It seems to me like it would be boring to be an Imp. Skirmishes are zero challenge, you can walk right into Novo and kill for the most party at will. Seems like making things more even would make the game more fun in my opinion. So feel free to give me you're input on how fun it is to win all the time and get everything.

See you in WH with a bunch of low geared/terrible build lig people as you 3 cap us. BYE...

If you want to have a real challenge .. join pay to play because this is what pay to play means... achieving things without ... well you know...

There is so much to achieve here expect char progress for example making Bgs here open again :thumbsup:

One reason pay to play was created ... buts it was misunderstood by most ppl leaved.


I will look into it , thanks Marco! :thumbup:

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