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Wednesday, January 7th 2015, 6:01pm

Transfer stuff

Hello i used to play allods long time ago on EU aswel as the US Gpotato client. So a couple of minutes ago i send a ticket on mygames about my account information of both clients and here is my question.

Will the characters of both clients be transfered on this one account? and how long could it take?

thx for reading.


Wednesday, January 7th 2015, 6:49pm



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since more than a half year we have a international server, so maybe they transfer bouth of your accounts or maybe just one. but i think they will transfer bouth of them.

Atm you have a little to wait that your ticket will get answerd or the transfer happend, caus mother russia enjoy there Christmas time.
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Wednesday, January 7th 2015, 9:00pm


You need to submit 2 tickets with differents email in order to get back your EU and your NA accounts. It is not possible to merge accounts.
It may take several days for those requests to be processed.

If you have no answer from the support after a week, contact a CM by private message on the forum with your ticket number(s).
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