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Friday, January 16th 2015, 8:31am

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Patching Problems

Ok this is just getting sad now, I first have a ticket that takes nearly 20 days to get processed, then spend a whole day figuring out how to download the game. Now I have the game, I cant even play because I need the rest of the files for my main chars.

My Progressive download is also stuck at 0KB/sec, I cant patch them at all. What is wrong with this? Why does it all work on my dad's computer? Don't tell me I have to download 9GB of stuff and then copy it over... It says all the .pak files in the Currently downloading is stuck on 0.0% downloaded, is it going to be the same as what happened with my trying to download the game? While it was downloading on my dads computer (was going to copy over since the Allods launcher was better so I just needed basic files.), mine started to download as well. When he stopped downloading, mine stops as well, it just goes back to 0KB/sec... We have to admin on our internet or something, what is wrong? Why does this keep happening? All these problems are pissing me off so bad...I want to **** swear!


Friday, January 16th 2015, 2:50pm


Is your dad's computer in the same house than yours ?
If yes, then, wait for he download the whole game, and copy/paste his Allods Online folder on your computer.
But there must be something on your computer that blocks the game, and you should find it.
What is your Anti-virus ?
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Friday, January 16th 2015, 3:32pm



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Sometimes the Download of the Progresive Download stucks with 0kb/sec

then start the Launcher again and it will be fixed. I heard from many players that the progresive download stucks, they start the launcher again everytime the download stucks and it works.
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Friday, January 16th 2015, 8:28pm

  • "superdrangon" started this thread

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I uninstalled my anti viruses for this, and starting launcher doesn't help because I have tried it so many times... My dad will be like just uninstall and stop playing games, so much problems GTFO

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