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Saturday, March 14th 2015, 11:00pm



  • "Songa" started this thread

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A couple of general suggestions

Normally I just poke around and put in my 2 cents here and there, but given that I've just paid for 2100 crystals that are in my account that can't be used for what I would like to use them for (subscription time) I'm going to just give $23.10 worth of my opinion. And I'm going to use Katy Perry gifs to help me get my points across, because why not?

First and foremost, yo' payment system is whack
Which is a nice way of saying "a living nightmare"

I'll make this as simple as I can: under no circumstances should me giving you my money and getting a service in return be this difficult for this long. The subscription payment system has never been good, and it seems to get worse instead of getting better. I was able to subscribe a month ago, so why can't I resub now? You have my money, I have the crystals in my account - why does it tell me that I have insufficient funds to resub? First your game broke my wallet, now it breaks my heart.

It's also annoying that I have to log into the F2P server to open the cash shop tab just to see if the crystals are there (they are). We should be able to see how many crystals we have right from the Allods website. It's all very redonkulous.

F2P & P2P: Can a sista get an explanation?

Currently the website has no dedicated section to explaining the differences between the two servers. A new player with no knowlege of Allods otherwise would have to dig and dig to find out that there is both a subscription and a free-to-play server. Your front page should be able to direct new people towards this information right off the bat. Currently, the website's landing page has a lot of info that is useful to current Allods players, not new ones. You want to draw in the new ones with information they can understand. You should create an obvious area that can help new players figure stuff out - especially which server would be right for them. "New to Allods? Click here!" Make it one of the first buttons on the side of the news or something. Help the noobs out.

And while we're add it, we could use a dedicated race and class page too.


This is what ours servers could look like if you advertised.

I think we're all aware that Allods is hardly, if ever, advertised outside of the Allods website. It's hard for us run-of-the-mill players to convince people seeking out a new MMO to play to come to Allods. A quick Google search will bring up a laundry list of tarnished reviews, and our word means very little to them. They need to know from you, the publisher, that things have changed. That the game is still even here. Can we at least get Allods back on the page? Even a little tiny something? Do you know how many people I see surprised that Allods still exists? It doesn't have to be this way. Take some of that sweet, sweet Skyforge money and buy a couple of Allods ads. Or something. I don't know. Just make it easier for us when we have to desperately explain to people that this Allods isn't quite like that Allods that everybody remembers.

Allods is a fun, beautiful game with beautiful music and interesting gameplay. On the surface it might look very much like a WoW clone, but in my experience it has a lot of unique aspects to offer that isn't offered in any other game. It's not perfect, but it's not a game that's worth putting into hiding.

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Monday, March 16th 2015, 6:23am



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+ on errthang songa said.


and perty please, dat coba grind. fix asap. it scares people away. more like makes them ragequit.
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Monday, March 16th 2015, 6:25am

Ye the poepl ovur me r rite, truss dem, they no wet dey ar talken abowt !


Monday, March 16th 2015, 10:55pm

and perty please, dat coba grind. fix asap. it scares people away. more like makes them ragequit.

coba is really one of the hardest things in this game, lol, i agree here

(when i was new i had to grind several levels in coba, it was really, REALLY hard, i remember that very well :( )

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